Nishihama Beach, the greatest attraction on Hateruma Island

Look at the blue sky, white sand, and sparkling emerald green sea with all of its breathtaking beauty! This is the Nishihama Beach of Hateruma Island, located in the southernmost island of Japan. Even in Okinawa, famous for its many beautiful ocean areas, this Hateruma blue sea is truly splendid!
The “nishi” in Nishihama means “north” in the Okinawan dialect and this beach is located on the north side of Hateruma Island.
The 1 kilometer sandy beach is white with fine sand and it feels very good to walk on barefoot.

On sunny days when the tide is high the Hateruma blue is even more vibrant, so don’t forget to check the high tide forecast.


Stay a night on the island and gaze at the starry sky!

It takes 60 minutes by fast ship, 25 minutes by plane, and 2 hours by ferry from Ishigaki Island to Hateruma Island and many tourists visit this island just to go to the beach.
One of the things we recommend you do there first, is snorkeling. The swimming areas close to the beach are shallow, so it’s relatively safe for children to play. If you are good at swimming and can swim a little out to sea, you can see coral and tropical fish.
If you want to relax, we also recommend the times during sunset and the evening when the sky is full of stars. We don’t have photos here, but gazing at the sun as it slowly sets into the horizon will make you forget the daily bustle.
And above all, gazing up at the star-filled sky as you lye on the beach, listening to the sound of waves will give you an overwhelming feeling of just how small we really are on earth.

Nishihama Beach
Shower (free), with toilet
7 min. by bicycle from Hateruma Port





Hateuruma, Taketomi-cho, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa Pref.

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