What goes together well with a bowl of rice?

The side dish for a bowl of rice in Japanese is,“Gohan no otomo” (ご飯のお供) and is an easy dish that makes rice taste so good that you’ll want to eat more rice because of it. This easy meal cannot be defined because it can be anything. As some people know, rice is a very cultural and iconic food in Japan. Not only does it give the Japanese energy, it also supports the Japanese economy. Many people like to eat sashimi or steak every day with good rice, but it is not always possible. So, what Japanese people have created are easy meals, which use affordable ingredients or leftovers to eat with a bowl or rice. The side dishes for rice, ”Gohan no otomo” coincides with Japanese people’s everyday meals and their rice-filled life style.


Various Colors Of The Side Dishes

It may be difficult to imagine for some people who are not familiar with it, but side dishes are simply something appropriate for the rice bowl, which can be easily cooked.
One of the most popular side dishes is salmon-flakes. The chopped and cooked salty salmon flakes give a bowl of rice a very nice fishy smell and a nice pink salmon color. Pickled Japanese plums are also a typical side dish. Their sourness as well as the smell of plum make the taste of rice sweet. Other examples are natto, cooked seeweed, and
Mentaiko (pickled fish eggs). There are many people throughout Japan who use local foods to make unique side dishes.



How To Make It!?

Recently, there have been many websites that have been introducing Japanese food to the world, so one may be able to find a good recipe. It may be better to check for leftovers in your refrigerator and choose something suitable for rice that can be easily cooked. Japanese people often crreate the great side dishes by chance. Please try to find your favorite one and when you do, let us know!



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