The Soulmate of Japanese Food?

Today, many people can find Japanese restaurants around world. Many Japanese restaurants in foreign countries specialize in Sushi, Ramen, and Teppanyaki. A food that has actually been the basis of Japanese culture during its entire history is rice! Rice is so important and so beloved that Japanese people are so fussy about the taste and quality of rice. Many farmers have been improving the quality of rice with their keen dedication and at the same time, engineers and rice geeks have been researching how to create the most suitable tool to cook rice. Today’s Japanese rice cookers are the result of their dedication to rice and its unique culture. By looking at it, you can find the other side of Japan.


Half the lifetime of a rice cooker

Originally rice cookers in Japan were made of clay and iron and would simply boil water and rice over a fire. After the 20th century they started coming up with new ideas and methods to cook rice with electricity. In the beginning it was hard for small companies and factories to figure how to create the electronic rice cooker because it involved using electricity to operate a box filled with water and rice. Large corporations like Panasonic, Sony, and Toshiba joined the production and engineers created recent types of sophisticated rice cookers that can cook rice with the push of a button and also by using timers. More recently, engineers have enhanced the technology in rice cookers, so consumers can have multiple functions that cannot usually be found on regular rice cookers.


A rice cooker’s surprising universality

For example, one of the most popular functions is “Dance Cooking.” By automatically changing the pressure inside the cooker, water creates a flow and makes rice ‘dance’ inside the cooker. From this cooking method, the creators say that it enhances the sweetness and chewy texture of rice. Also, another popular function is cooking bread and cake with it. Since the cookers have steaming and pressuring functions, they can also cook bread, cake, and steamed vegetables. The rice cookers are no longer ordinary rice cooking machines, but are now multi functional. The power supply can vary from country to country, but if you are interested in cooking rice or bread, the rice cooker is the best choice as a souvenir.



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