Returning the favors of Valentine’s Day

We introduced what Valentine’s Day is like in Japan in our last article. One month later comes March 14th. What’s it like in your country, just a normal day?
In Japan, March 14th is called “White Day,” and the men who received chocolates and the like on Valentine’s Day return the favor to the ladies. Perhaps our readers in China, Korea, and Taiwan also have the same practice, but it got its start in Japan.



Rough on Men’s Wallets?

Over forty years ago when Valentine’s Day came to be established in Japan, a proposition was made in the confectionery industry: “Should we make a day for returning the favor?” This became the origin of White Day. With that, about 35 years ago, it got its start when it was wholeheartedly decided that, “March 14th shall be White Day.” At first, candies and marshmallows were the standard gifts. Nowadays, you’ll see articles in some women’s magazines saying,“On White Day, get triple the gifts that you gave on Valentine’s Day,” so its a little tough on men’s pocketbooks, so to speak.



A Hear-Pounding day for Students

Once you’re an adult, White Day just doesn’t carry that same weight any more.
That being said, it’s an exciting day for students. If Valentine’s Day is when a girl makes her confession of love, then White Day is when the boy accepts that and they become a couple. At least, you hear that’s the case for many high schoolers.
Also, in Japan, March is the season of graduation and farewells. It’s a day where boys will be encouraged to tell that special girl about their feelings before they won’t be able to see one another again. Why not make your own confession come this White Day?




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