Izumo is a land for Gods. Izumo-taisha shrine stands there as a landmark of the area. In the holy precincts in front of Mt. Yakumoyama, the atmosphere solemnly flows where an old shrine has silently stood for a few thousand years.
You’ll feel a strong spirit and solemn tension here.
When you see the decorative crossbeams (千木) thrusting into the sky, it’s easy to imagine a spectacular world of Gods existing here.
Izummo-Taisha shrine has recently been attracting people because it’s such a spiritual place.
Rather than understanding how it became a spiritual area, I recommend visiting in order to feel the spirituality.


“Izumo-taisha” is very famous for its matchmaking God and fortune God. The shrine’s establishment is even written in Japan’s oldest history book “Kojiki,” and was called “Kizuki-Oyashiro” until the early Meiji period (1870’s).
The enshrined God is Okuninushi-no-kami, and is famously known as a grand God. In the history book “Kojiki,” there’s a myth called “Kuni-yuzuri-shinwa” (国譲り神話) that says, Okuninushi-no-kami gave control of the land to Amaterasu-O-Omikami in Takaamahara. The shrine “Amenohisuminomiya” that was built, later became the present Izumo-taisha.


The main shrine where Okuninushi-no-kami is enshrined was built in 1744 and is designated as a national treasure.
It’s proud of its large Shinto architecture measuring 24 meters high with a couple of 7.9 meter long crossbeams under the thick cypress bark thatched roof.

A small area held in the upper crossbeams is actually big enough for one person to pass through. You can see how big the main shrine is.

The God enshrined is facing the west side, which is toward Inasa-no-hama. If you pray to God in front of the main shrine, you will worship the God’s side face.


※This article is featured by “Izumo Guide,” a website introducing recommended places to visit at Izumo. For more info about sightseeing in Izumo, click here; http://www.izumo-kankou.gr.jp/ (Written in Japanese only).   

Always open
Access :By car: 15 min from San’in do- Izumo IC. Driving towards R431.
30 min from San’in do-Hikawa IC. Driving towards R9.

By train:10 min walk from Ichibata Railway Izumo-taisha station.

1 min walk from the bus stop “Izumo-taisha” departing from JR Izumo-shi station. Take a bus bound for “Izumo-taisha /Hinomisaki”


195 Taishachō Kizukihigashi, Izumo-shi, Shimane Pref.

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