Japans, Mt. Fuji!

Mt. Fuji is the most popular mountain in Japan. It has been loved and worshiped by people since ancient times and also provides many places for activities as well as being artistically influential. Its enormous size makes it visible even from Wakayama Prefecture, 300 kilometers away. The mountain has a lot of distinct characteristics on its surface and surrounding areas, so it is fun to see the mountain on a daily basis. I’ll introduce one interesting characteristic of Mt. Fuji, the“cap cloud.”


The Sign Of Rain

There are not many tall mountains around Mt. Fuji and because of this, the wind from the west coast strikes the mountain directly creating unique clouds. From time to time, it makes Mt. Fuji look like it has an umbrella hovering over the top of it. Because of the west winds, it is said that the west side of Mt. Fuji rains a lot with percentages of more than 70%.


The different seasons in Japan constantly change the weather. To see Mt. Fuji is to utilize ancient trivia in order to try to understand the natural flow of Japanese nature. It is not always possible to observe Mt. Fuji, but if you can find a good place and time to see it, please enjoy our beloved mountain.


Kitayama, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture

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