Do you think we have more holidays than your country? Starting in 2016, we will have in total of 16 national holidays in Japan.

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Next year we will have a new holiday on August 11th, called “Mountain day”.

How many national holidays do you have in your country? In Japan, we’ll have in total of 16 public holidays to include 1 newly created holiday.
It’s called “Mountain day,” designated for August 11th, and is the first national holiday set in August. The purpose of this day is to enjoy hiking and appreciate the benefits of mountains.
In July, we have “Marine day”. These holidays are recognized as days to enjoy nature and to appreciate their benefits.


The long holiday, “Golden Week” has come!

In late April to early May, we’ll have a long holiday called “Golden Week”. During this this time, many people have days off and like to travel. The weather during Golden Week is usually so nice and warm, so people like to go out and have fun. The breakdown of this year’s Golden Week is as follows:

Wed April 29th – “Showa Day” (A day to look back at the days during the Showa period and think about the future of Japan after world war II.)
Sun. May 3rd – “Constitution Day” (A day to celebrate the enforcement of the Japanese constitution.)
Mon. May 4th – “Green Day” (A day to enjoy nature and appreciate it’s benefits and to bring up peoples spirits.)
Tue. May 5th – “Children’s Day” (A day to respect children, hope for their happiness, and to appreciate mothers.)
Wed. May 6th – Substitute holiday (Because May 3rd is Sunday, we can have this day as a substitute holiday.)

If you take extra days off between weekends, you might be able to have 9 or 12 consecutive days off!


The “Happy Monday” system makes it easier to have consecutive days off.

In Japan, we have a system called “Happy Monday”.
It’s to move certain public holidays to Monday in order to purposely make 3 consecutive days off. If you have 3 consecutive days off, you will want to hang out somewhere, won’t you?
Currently, the Happy Mondays we have are as follows;

Coming-of-Age Day→The second Monday of January (It was originally on January15th.)
Marine Day→The third Monday of July (It was originally on July 20th.)
Respect for the Elderly Day→The third Monday of September (It was originally on September 15th.)
Health and Sports Day→The second Monday of October (It was originally on October 10th.)

Well, where shall I go during the coming Golden Week?

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