Tohoku (Northeast Japan) is your ideal destination if you’re a little late for Hanami.


did you know that around the time when Tokyo’s cherry blossom trees have finished blossoming, the cherry blossom trees of the Tohoku region will be in full bloom? Sendai city in Miyagi Prefecture is called the “City of Trees,” and by taking a 30 min train ride from there, you can witness a beautiful, unending stretch of cherry blossom trees in full bloom along the river.

The cherry trees are lined up on an 8 km stretch along the clear stream of Shiroishigawa river that runs through the southern part of Miyagi Prefecture. Out of the 1200 trees, 1/3 of them are 80 years old and have thick and tough pale pink branches stretching towards the river. The scenery of this unending stretch of trees with Mt. Zao covered by a blanket of snow in the background is just stunning. It’s a very popular area and the locals go there during spring.




Let’s pass through the tunnel of cherry blossom trees by train!

There is another way to appreciate and see the cherry blossom trees. During the spring season, the Tohoku main rail line has a special operating schedule for passengers to view the beautiful scenery of cherry blossom trees from the train. It’s running between Okawara station and Funaoka station, which is 700 meters long. You can view the gorgeous blooming cherry blossom trees along the river from the train window, to your heart’s content.



Ogawara, Miyagi Prefecture

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Access ・3 min by walk from JR Tohoku main line Okawara station or Funaoka station. ・15 min drive fro, Tohoku expressway/Murata IC, 20 min drive from Shiroishi IC