There are many locations in Izumo thought to be flowing with mystical energy. Why not visit Izumo when you want more energy, power and motivation to seek an unknown mystical power?

*In Japanese, the coined term “power spot” denotes any location thought to be, flowing with mystical energy. These places are believed to heal and energize people based on spirituality, feng shui, and Qigong.


Location A Izumo-taisha Shrine

Izumo-taisha Shrine is one of the most famous ‘power spots.’
This place is famous for its match making God and fortune God, and it’s said that myriads of Gods from all over Japan will meet here in October, according to the old Japanese calendar. They will discuss which people to match-up. Get the power from Gods, where myriads of them are gathered!


Location A The recommended lunch item is the Izumo soba noodle dish

The Izumo soba noodle dish is one of the longest-running culinary delights locally. It represents Izumo with many shops that local people will recommend. Please give a try if you are visiting Izumo.
Izumo soba noodles are made of wholly grinded buckwheat seeds that have dark black color, good smell, and are firm. The most popular way of eating it is, “Wariko soba” style. The noodles are put in a vermilion-lacquered bowl with spring onions as a condiment, grated daikon, nori (seaweed paper), and a sprinkle of dashi soup that’s made from each shop’s hidden recipe. Wariko soba is comprised of three bowls, one per person. Apparently there was a person who ate 30 bowls of soba noodles, so you can try to update the record if you like soba enough!


Location B Inasa-no-hama

In just a 10 min walk from Izumo-taisha Shrine, there’s a beach called Inasa-no-hama. There’s a myth here called“Kuni-yuzuri-shinwa”(国譲り神話) that says Okuninushi-no-kami gave control of the land to “Amaterasu-O omikami”in Takaamahara. The place was chosen as one of the best 100 Japanese beaches. You can see the mysterious silhouette of Bentenjima Island floating on the sea when the sun goes down. In October, according to the Japanese old calendar, there will be Gods performing rituals, because Gods from all over Japan are said to gather here.



Location C  Hinomisaki Shrine

The sun goddess “Amaterasu-O omikami” and the creator of “Izumo Susanoo-no-mikoto” are enshrined in this vivid shrine. While Ise Grand Shrine is thought to protect Japan’s afternoon, the miraculous Hinomisaki Shrine is said to protect Japan’s evening, as well as being a place for good match making and protection from evil.

※This article is featured by “Izumo Guide,” a website introducing recommended places to visit at Izumo. For more info about sightseeing in Izumo, click here; (Written in Japanese only).  

195 Taishachō Kizukihigashi, Izumo-shi, Shimane Pref.
Hours: 6:00~20:00
Always open
Access :By car: 15 min from San’in do- Izumo IC. Driving towards R431.
30 min from San’in do-Hikawa IC. Driving towards R9.

By train:10 min walk from Ichibata Railway Izumo-taisha station.

1 min walk from the bus stop “Izumo-taisha” departing from JR Izumo-shi station. Take a bus bound for “Izumo-taisha /Hinomisaki”

2844-73 Taishacho Kizuki, kita, Izumo, Shimane Prefecture
Access : 25 min by bus from JR Izumo-shi station
      3 min by car from Izumo-taisha Shrine.
12 min by foot from Izumo-taisha Shrine.

●Hinomisaki Shrine
455 Taishacho Hinomisaki, Izumo, Shimane Prefecture
Access : 35 min drive by car from San’in do Izumo IC
     45 min by bus from JR Izumo-shi station, 20 min by bus from Izumo-taisha Shrine.

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