izumo-taisya trees

It is said that spirits dwell in trees.
Trees over a thousand years old, in two different locations are full of mystical energy!


Location A Izumo-taisha Shrine

There are many locations in Izumo thought to be flowing with mystical energy. Why not visit Izumo when you want more energy, power and motivation to seek an unknown mystical power?


Location B Inochi-nushi-no-yashiro

“Kitajima-kokuso-kan” is on the right hand side of Izumo-taisha Shrine, but “Inochi-nushi-no-yashiro” Shrine is located further east. It is officially called “Kamutama-inochi-nushi Shrine”(神魂伊能知奴志神社).
Inside the shrine, there’s a big muku tree, which is said to be more than a thousand years old, measuring 17 meters tall and 12m wide. The roots of the tree are entangled and grew from the ground, emitting its energetic aura.


Location C Iwane-tera Temple

The temple stands on the 10meter high cliff in the middle of the Kami-asayama-bonchi to the east. The establishment is a mystery.
It used to belong to Kamienya-cho’s Tenno-zan-kando sect and was a temple regularly visited by pilgrims during Izumo’s 5th pilgrimage. However, it was abolished due to the anti-Buddhist movement that started in the early Meiji period (1870’s), which led them to lose sponsors and properties. So the enshrined statue of Juichimen Kannon Bosatsu (Kannon Buddhisattva with eleven faces) was transferred to Enya-cho’s Kando-ji Temple.
It was torn down in 1873, but was newly built using “keyaki” style architecture in 1890. The age of Nouzenkazura is unknown, but it blooms beautiful red flowers on Magai (the site) and it looks like Buddhists’ offering flowers.



Location D Susa-jinja Shrine

It enshrines Susanoo-no-mikoto’s spirit and brings you good matchmaking, prosperity for descendants, safety for your family, and eliminates other unlucky obstacles. Behind the Shrine there’s a big cedar tree, which is 1300 years old and stands firm as if it’s protecting the area. It’s 6 meters wide, and 24 meters tall. It feels very energetic when you visit and was once introduced on TV as one of the best spiritual places to visit in Japan.

※This article is featured by “Izumo Guide,” a website introducing recommended places to visit at Izumo. For more info about sightseeing in Izumo, click here; http://www.izumo-kankou.gr.jp/ (Written in Japanese only).  

195 Taishachō Kizukihigashi, Izumo-shi, Shimane Pref.
Hours: 6:00~20:00
Always open
Access :By car: 15 min from San’in do- Izumo IC. Driving towards R431.
30 min from San’in do-Hikawa IC. Driving towards R9.

By train:10 min walk from Ichibata Railway Izumo-taisha station.

1 min walk from the bus stop “Izumo-taisha” departing from JR Izumo-shi station. Take a bus bound for “Izumo-taisha /Hinomisaki”

Access: 5 min walk from Izumo-taisha Shrine.

●Iwane-tera Temple
Access :10 min drive by car from izumo-shi station.
8 min walk from the bus stop “Iwane-tera-mae” departing from Izumo-shi station.

●Susa-jinja Shrine
730 Sadacho Susa, Izumo, Shimane Prefecture
Access : about 30 min drive by car.
Going towards JR Izumo-shi station from San’in do Hikawa IC R9, and head towards Tachikue-kyo via R184.
20 min drive by car from San’in do Izumo IC towards JR Konan station via R39.
35 min by bus from JR Izumo-shi station.

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