bath time

bath time


Very popular in Japanese bathrooms, the bathtub

Japanese people usually take baths at night before bed, and the typical Japanese bathroom has a bathtub called a yubune. We fill it with hot water and relax by soaking in it. The temperature of the water can change depending on the season. After filling the bathtub, we immediately cover the bathtub to maintain a good temperature until we’re ready to use it.


Japanese people’s bath time averages about 30 minutes. Soaking in hot bath water for about 15 minutes.

What are Japanese people doing in the bathroom for so long? Every person has a different way of taking a bath. Some like to read books, watch TV, or play with their children. The bathroom is primarily a relaxation place for the Japanese.


Japanese bath salt changes a bathtub at home into an onsen with a forest-like feeling.

The main features of Japanese bath salt are its ingredients and scents. Forest bath salt gives you a feeling of being in the forest and other salts can create onsen-like colors and scents. Its works well if you have poor circulation and/or a stiff neck. I suggest trying a Japanese style bath with hot water and bath salt instead of taking shower sometime.

To learn more about the manners when you take  a bath at a public bath, click here.

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