Featured article: Visiting the entertaining market of “Makishi-Kosetsu-Ichiba,” where so many rare Okinawan foods are sold!

2018-10-05 Yuri Suzuki   Souvenirs, Okinawa,

market entrance



It used to be a black market.

Makishi-Kosetsu-Ichiba is a 10 min walk from Naha-city’s Miebashi station. Local people have cherished it as their ‘kitchen’ for over 60 years. What’s so special about this market is that they have so many selections of rare Okinawan food. After the war, it was started as a black market and revitalized Okinawa. Okinawa is famous for it’s beautiful scenery and seascapes and this market is also a famous sightseeing place among domestic as well as foreign tourists. It shows another side of Okinawa.




Many colorful fruits and fresh fish are on display and you can even eat them there!

There are a variety of fruits and vegetables for sale in front of the market. If you don’t know how to cook or how to eat them, please do not hesitate to ask the sales people. They are culinary professionals who know how to use and prepare Okinawan foods the best. By talking to them, you might discover new facts about ingredients and they might even give you a discount!


cobalt blue fish

big shrimps

Let’s go inside where you’ll see the “Fresh fish corner.” There are so many rare Okinawan fish on display and these fish are caught in the warm sea, so they are very tropical and colorful.


kakuni pork

If you a little go further, you’ll see “Butcher corner,” where you can find smoked pork from the pig’s face (Chiraga) and from it’s ears (Mimiga), as well as other peculiar food that will entertain you.


If you get hungry while you are talking to the staff don’t worry, there is a canteen upstairs where you can eat what you bought downstairs. They will cook it for you! You can also eat food that you might have brought with you too.


The market holds events, so check the schedule before visiting!

Currently, there are about 130 shops gathered in the market and it’s always crowded. They regularly schedule events designated on “Market day” such as, Maguro’s butchering show or stage show hosted by celebrities. There are many other shops open around the market, so you can enjoy a whole day of it. If your sightseeing, you’ll want carefully plan your trip to take advantage of all there is to offer, so check the schedule before coming.


2-10-1, Matsuo, Naha city, Okinawa

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Address 2-10-1 Matsuo, Naha city, Okinawa
Hours 08:00~20:00/ Closed on every 4th Sunday (Except December) New Year, the lunar New Year, the lunar Bon
Access 10 min by car from Naha Airport. 10 min walk from Miebashi station
Phone 098-867-6560
Website http://kousetsu-ichiba.com/ichibaannai.html