Featured article: Visiting hell? Recommended routes vol. 1. Shimokita Peninsula located at the northernmost part of Honshu.

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Things to see and try: #A Kaisen-don, a bowl of rice topped with sashimi.

Kaisen-don uses fish that was freshly caught in the morning. It tastes so good! The sea urchin from Sai village is especially large and sweet. During its season (June to July), many visitors from all over Japan come to taste this special sea urchin.


Things to see and try: #B Walking in Hotokegaura.

Hotokegaura are a series of rock formations that were naturally carved out by wind and rain over a long period of time. Its scale will astonish you with rocks over 20 meters high, lined up over a stretch of about 2 km long along the beautiful coastline. Pleasure ships are available from each of the 3 ports; Sai, Ushitaki and Wakinosawa.

ブドウ畑 (1)


Things to see and try: #C Tasting wine at the vineyards of the northernmost part of Honshu.

The Sun Mamoru Winery won the gold medal in 2013 at the Japan wine challenge, the biggest wine screening board in Asia. The Shimokita region has a similar climate to the Bourgogne district, which is one of the three major wineries in France.


Things to see and try: #D Osorezan/ Mt. Osore, one of three famous graveyards in Japan.

This might remind you of the hell, but after passing through the rocky, sulfurous area you will encounter the beautiful and heavenly scenery of Lake Usori.



Things to see and try #E Staying at the hotel in Mutsu city.

You can view all of the beautiful scenery of Mutsu from the Mutsu Grand Hotel. It’s specialty is the hot spring, “Tonami-onsen, Bijin-no-yu,” which literally means “Beauty’s onsen.” The quality of spring water will relax and heal your fatigue as well as moisturizing your skin.


Things to see and try: #F Enjoy Oma tuna that will melt in your mouth!

Oma tuna is distributed throughout Japan and are raised in the Tsugaru Channel where the tide is heavy. The tuna meat is fatty (toro) and resembles expensive Japanese beef. The leaner (akami) part is also very tasty.

【Detailed Information】
●Sai Village “Kaisen-don”
Sai mura, Shimokita gun, Aomori Prefecture

There are two ways to get there; By ship and by car (with a little walk)
・Taking a pleasure boat from the Sai area
・Duration:1hour 30min(One way takes 30 minutes and the ship stops at the port for another 30 min.)
Operation: April 20th to May 31st
Departure time:9:00、10:30、10:40、13:00、13:40

※There might be cases when extra times are offered.

Fee:2400 yen/round trip and 1300 yen/one way(Half price will be applied to elementary school children and infants are free.)
Port:Osai-112 Sai, Shimokita District, Aomori Prefecture
Arusas, Tsugaru-kaikyo Bunka kan

・Taking a pleasure boat from Ushitaki area.

Duration:15 min one way.(during a round trip, one way takes 15 min and the ship stops at the port for another 30 min.)
Operation:May 1st to October 31st. Between 7:30 and 17:00
Fee:1000 yen/round trip.
Port:Ushitaki port

●Sunmamoru Winery
Operation:January to March 10:00~16:00 No scheduled holiday
April to December 10:00~17:00 Open everyday
Address:Kawadai-1-6 Kawauchimachi, Mutsu, Aomori Prefecture

●Osorezan/ Mt. Osore
Period:May 1st to October 31st (Every year)
Operation time:6:00~18:00
Address:Usoriyama-3-2 Tanabu Mutsu-shi, Aomori Prefecture
Access:30 min by car from JR Ominato station. 43 min by direct bus from Shimokita station.

●Mutsu Grand Hotel
Fee: 6,000yen~(Per person)
Address:Shimomichi-4 Tanabu Mutsu-shi, Aomori Prefecture

Address:Oma, Shimokita District, Aomori Prefecture

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