The charming and easy to eat, Onigiri!

Japanese people remember when their mothers would cook hot Onigiri for them when they were young. Onigiri is the most popular home made food for the Japanese. It’s wrapped by hand and is easy to eat much like fast food, and we feel the warm heart from this handmade soul food. Japanese people bring them with on long journeys and to picnic lunches as a sort of, ‘portable’ type of food. Onigiri for picnics is fun because we have to choose which one to eat while trying to guess what’s inside of it.


The meaning of Onigiri comes from grasping the rice by hand.

Onigiri consists of 3 different distinctions. First, the shape… the triangular form is popular, but sometimes it’s shaped like a ball. Next distinction is, what’s inside. There are many different fillings that add flavor to them. Lastly, adding sesami or furikake powder and wrapping the rice with nori (seaweed) is very common. These many different combinations create various types of onigiri, without boring the taste.



Let’s eat good onigiri at a convenience store or specialty store

Onigiri is not only made at home, we can buy it at the convenience store or specialty store. It’s popular at convenience stores and is usually sold cold and wrapped with nori. There are many kinds and tastes to choose from, even ramen flavored onigiri! It’s also very inexpensive! Specialty stores also offer hot onigiri, so there are many kinds to choose from. Please try it when you visit Japan!

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