Feel the kindness and harshness of nature.

Having previously introduced Hateruma Island’s beautiful beach, I actually have more recommendations for places to visit. Because Hateruma Island is so isolated, please try to enjoy everything about it! Contrary to Nishihama beach looking like a paradise, Takanazaki point is also located on the Island, but the waves fiercely spray the rocks and the rugged scenery shows more of the harshness of nature and is especially interesting to see, if you are overly excited about sightseeing.



Takanazaki shows how the ‘real’ Hateruma Island is.

Since Hateruma Island itself is located in the southernmost part of Japan, you cannot go any further south in Japan than Takanazaki point. There are 3 statues; the southernmost monument, the monument of Heiwa Kigan (Hope for Peace), and the monument of Hateruma, all great for photo opportunities. When you hear the words, “the southernmost point,” you might imagine it’s a touristic area, but actually it’s not. There’s almost nothing but the rugged terrain. The road leading to Takanazaki, called “Hebi no mich” (snake road), looks as if the rocks just naturally rose up from the ground.



It’s a special place that’s neither Asia nor Japan.

Considering the location of this Island, it is independently floating on the East China Sea and sees the harshness of nature from the several large typhoons that happen annually. You can experience the ‘realness’ of Hateruma Island that is only 15km in circumference and interestingly enough, shows us its many different faces. It’s part of Japan and largely influenced by the Eurasian continent, but not influenced by America like the island of Okinawa is. It’s truly a small isolated island that has it’s own individual world. If you like visiting secluded areas, please visit Hateruma Island.


Hateruma, Taketomi-cho, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa

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Kenichiro Asai

Kenichiro Asai


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Address Hateruma, Taketomi-cho, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa
Access 20 min by motor bike from the port of Hateruma 40 min by rental bike