Featured articles on Okinawa: Exploring the Valley of Gangala! Let’s enjoy some time in a large cave and experience the vast and ancient nature of Okinawa.

Travel Recommendations for Okinawa from Tadaima Japan【Southern Okinawa】
Okinawa has so much to offer, blue skies, the emerald green of the beautiful sea, delicious

local cuisine, heartwarming people, historical buildings, etc. This is a series of articles

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What is the Valley of Gangala?

The valley of Gangala is located 30 min from the city of Naha and Naha Airport by car. There are other great places for sightseeing such as, Okinawa world and Heiwa Kinen Park. The valley of Gangala used to be a cave and was created by a collapse. It left an abundance of subtropical nature and is thought to be a habitat for the Minatogawa people, who existed here eighteen thousands years ago. The Minatogawa people are very important to understanding the origins of Japanese people and archeological research has begun in this area. You can see it’s an area, full of mystery!



A guide will take you to another world!

The valley of Gangala is not just a beneficial touristic attraction, but also an archaeology and ethnology site that is still being explored. Therefore, when touring the valley, a tour conductor will accompany you and tell you about the immense nature and history of the valley, providing you with a very cultural experience, as well as broadening your knowledge. While listening to the guide, you will as if feel you’ve passed through time and space to an ancient world.



The large, old spiritual tree “Ufu-shu Gajyumaru,” or Banyan Tree

When you go deeper in the forest, you’ll find a large banyan tree (ufu-shu Gajyumaru). This tree is one of the highlights of the tour and is absolutely stunning! The ferns feel as if they blanket you when standing beneath them. This tree is also called the “Sage of the forest” and is still growing. You might feel as if you cleansed your mind from its vibrant energy.




The tour starts at the Cave Cafe

This café utilizes a large cave for its atmosphere. The tour starts here, so you can enjoy a light snack and a cup of tea or coffee before and after your tour. Touring the valley requires a fee, but the café is free. So if you don’t have time to take the tour, I recommend visiting the cafe because the cave is so unusual and you might not experience anything else like it. It’s very interesting to see, because there are so many important fossils found in this cave. You can enjoy a cup of tea where people likely lived twenty thousand years ago! It feels like being on a film set.



202 Tamagusuku-maekawa, Nanjyo-shi, Okinawa

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Address 202 Tamagusuku-maekawa, Nanjyo-shi, Okinawa
Hours Open everyday
Access 30 min by car from Naha Airport. Get off at Haebaru-minami IC, and drive for 10 min. Infront of Okinawa World, you’ll see the entracnce. Ryukyu-bus 54 『Maekawa line』 83 『Gyokusendo』
Phone 098-948-4192
Website http://www.gangala.com/