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A 120-year-old one-storied house that has been renovated and changed to a restaurant.

“Chadokoro-China” is in Itomanshi, located in the southern part of Mainland Okinawa. The house used to be owned by the present owner’s grandfather. The present owner, Mr. Kaneshiro has renovated the house and opened it as a restaurant. The house was built around 1891 and designated as a registered tangible cultural property in Japan. This house survived the fires of war and still stands today. The house has red roof tiles that look very Okinawa-ish and the wooden framework inside adds a nostalgic feeling to the restaurant.




A simple taste at its best! The recommended dish is the Okinawa-soba noodle.

In the beginning, China opened as a café, so their coffee and cakes are really good. It’s nice when traveling, to sit and have a cup of coffee without having to think about work. They offer some other Okinawan dishes such as the Goya-Chanpuruu that uses local vegetables. My recommendation is the Okinawa-soba noodle dish. The owner created this taste through trial and error. Eating Okinawan food in the Okinawa style house will leave you speechless! Please visit the heart-warming restaurant, Chadokoro-China! You’ll come to love Okinawa even more!



223 Makabe Itomanshi Okinawa

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Address 223 Makabe Itomanshi Okinawa
Hours 11:00~18:00(L.O.17:30)
Phone 098-997-3207