Charlie Tacos

The pioneer of tacos in Okinawa, open since 1956!

Famous Okinawa food includes rafutee, soki soba noodles, and other stir-fried dishes that use pork and shima tofu. These culinary delights are so different from mainland Japan, and the American food culture has gradually blended in due to their army base in Okinawa. Opened in 1956, “Charlie’s Tacos” is said to be the first leading Taco shop in Okinawa. Many foreign visitors are among its customers and they come here to taste Japanese style tacos!

charlie tacos entrance

Okinawan Tacos that you can’t get in Mexico!

The taco menu consists of 3 main fillers, beef, chicken, and tuna fish. Their tacos are so large, filled with meat, tomatoes, and lettuce all wrapped up in a chewy tortilla wrap. Other menu items include hamburgers, hotdogs, and taco rice.


sign board

message that was left by the customer

cheerful shop that gives people a smile.

“Charlie Tacos” has been open for almost 60 years now and is loved by American soldiers, as well as the local people. The canteen style shop is very cheerful and welcomes everyone, with some of the customers even leaving messages and photos in the shop. Please come and try tacos unique to Okinawa at “Charlie’s Tacos!”


4 Chome-11-5 Chūō Okinawa-shi, Okinawa

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Address 4 Chome-11-5 Chūō Okinawa-shi, Okinawa
Hours 10:00 ~ 21:00
Access 2km away from Okinawa South IC~ Road 85 10-15min walk from the bus stop Goya(Inside the Chuo-Park Avenue)
Phone 098-937-4627