The Utopia Where Japanese Gods of Nature Dwells

It is sure that countries – weather one has vast land or not – have a variety of cultural and geographical differences created by both men and nature. It is the same for Japan. In particular, Okinawa is one of the most unique island among Japanese islands. And this mountain is the most overwhelming natural utopia that you cannot find anywhere else in Japan. Most people in Okinawa recognize and consider this place as a heart of sacred and spiritual root of the Okinawa.


How Would You Like To Enjoy 2 Billion Years of History On A Subtropical Island?

In the northern part of Okinawa, the subtropical climate occupies much its nature. Locals call the field “Yanbaru,” in their local dialect. Large banyan trees and cycas revoluta plants are frequently found in the region and they often surround visitors. One of the most historical and natural phenomenon visitors can enjoy is the karst landscape. The landscape has been corroded by rain for over 2 billion years and has created many different kinds of shapes such as shapes of a towers and knives.


The Sacred Ashimui Shrine

Natural spirits have always been with the locals since long before men began to cultivate the land. The locals especially believe in the story about the creator of the land. When he created the island, he also founded the sacred place, Ashimui in order for people to admire him, receive his mighty strength to cultivate the land, and to pray for secure sailing. Today, visitors can enjoy beautiful panoramic views from the top of the area. There is also a hiking course to enjoy nature. If you’re interested, please visit and feel the energy from 2 billion years of natural history.



1241 Ginama Kunigami-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa

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