To be honest, I didn’t want to tell anybody about it! A magnificent hotel resort on the isolated Island of Hamahiga in Okinawa.

2018-09-10   Visit: Parks & Nature, Okinawa,

A view from the garden of the Hamahigashima Hotel Resort

It’s a hotel you’ll want to visit again and again.

Hello, it’s Guri from Tadaima Japan. Okinawa is one of my favorite places to visit and I even had my wedding ceremony there. Because I visit many times, what always troubles me now is whether or not to visit a new place, or go to places I visited before.

Whenever I plan a trip to Okinawa, I can’t always decide where to go because I reminisce about the great places I visited, and at the same time, long for new beautiful places I haven’t seen. This time I finally decided to go to the beautiful hotel on Hamahiga Island that I have already visited 3 times.

The view from Muruku beach.

Old time Okinawa is still evident here.

Hamahiga Island is connected with mainland Okinawa by a bridge and is usually overlooked by most tourists, because of its small size.
It looks as if time had stopped one day in the very distant past. The life of people, waves, and winds moves very slowly. The Hamahigashima Hotel Resort is located in the very center of the island.

An aerial view of Hamahiga Island

Even though there’s nothing special happening, you’ll get reinvigorated.

It’s a very personal reason, but the biggest reason I like this hotel is that I always become reinvigorated, even though nothing special happens. Whenever I walk in to the hotel, the front desk staff welcomes me with a tranquil smile. They are relaxed and look very peaceful, so I always feel like saying, “I’m home,” or “Tadaima.”
The natural beach under the hotel, “Muruku-hama” is a good size with very clear water, giving you the feeling of a beach on a tiny isolated island.

The hotel lobby.

Muruku-hama beach

My favorite is French cuisine that uses local foods.

After enjoying the beach in the afternoon, it’s time to go to the public bath. It’ll warm you up after a long day of swimming in the sea and you’ll be looking forward to dinner after that. The main dining room in this hotel is called, “Restaurant Hapina.”
You can enjoy French cuisine that uses local Hamahiga Island food. It tastes like all the attractions of the Island are gathered together on one plate. The ingredients from the sea and the island are something very pleasant. There are few restaurants on the island that have a good sense for many unexpected cuisines like this. I’m sure that each bite will entertain you.
There is another restaurant called “Yukui-dokoro Muruku,” where you enjoy some Ryukyu dishes. It’s only open on limited occasions, so please check beforehand if you are interested.

Restaurant Hapina

Hotel Hamahigashima Resort’s public bath

A small bird that visited me while I was having breakfast

You’ll unconsciously feel the power of nature and God.

Hamahiga Island is said to be the beginning of Okinawa, where the creators of Okinawa, “Amamikiyo” and “Shinerikiyo” used to live. You’ll usually see the moon and twinkling stars in the sky at night, with a nice sunrise in the morning. You will feel something special from these ordinary events on this Island. It might be because of the flowing power of the Island. I went to Hamahiga Island to experience the mystical power, but I will keep that story for another time.
(To be continued…the story of “Shirumichu”)

This hotel is very popular, so book your stay early!

Scenery from Hamahiga Island


202 Katsurenhiga Uruma-shi, Okinawa

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