The hotel, Kyoyo which has Onsen

The ocean

Nothing beats this hot spring for beauty!

The hot spring hotel “Koyo” was opened in 1951 in Kaminoyama city, Yamagata Prefecture. As a woman, I visited expecting a beauty effect from this hot spring! It contains a natural beauty ingredient called metasilicic acid, and it controls the ceramide molecules in your skin. It’s usually said that, you can expect the effect if the water contains 50mg of metasilicic acid per 1000ml, but the Koyo’s hot spring contains more than that, 76mg per 1000ml!
While relaxind and viewing majestic Mount Zao, you can make your skin soft and nice. It’s such a luxury.


Raku ware plates

Make your own Raku ware plate for a memory!

In addition to hot spring, I was looking forward to Raku ware pottery making! You can draw your own picture on the plate. It is opened until 9pm, so you can do it after bathing in the hot spring. Just draw whatever you want with the brush! This is the most exciting thing to do! I was thinking about what to draw by looking at work done by famous artists and noble people in Japan. The staff packages your work by the next morning and you can take it home with you!

With excitement, I checked my plate. It was beautifully completed. Even though my handwriting wasn’t so beautiful, I adored the plate and brought it home with satisfaction! I really want to share my with feeling with you! Why not make your own plate with your family, lovebird, or by yourself?

The plate is for decoration, so you don’t’s actually use it to eat off, but dried sweets can be served with it. It’s good to use as decoration so that you can reminisce about your sweet memories you had at the hotel.

Yonezawa beef

A farmer

A variety of quality dishes that are produced by a farmer

The most exciting thing about staying in Ryokan is of course, dinner!
The most expensive local beef, Yamagata-gyu and Yonezawa-gyu are so delicate and soft that they’ll melt in your mouth. Ah I love it! The vegetables that are directly delivered from the local farmer taste so fresh with the best natural flavors. The dishes are cooked with the same love that the farmer gives to his vegetables… it is indeed tasty, and visually fun! It goes well with Yamagata’s local sake too!
I could indulge myself so much, but I was feeling content.
I can totally agree with why it is ranked as the best hot spring in Japan. Thank you so much for having me! Please visit the Japanese hot spring hotel, Koyo at least once!


999-3242, Hayama, Kaminoyama city, Yamagata Pref.

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Address 999-3242, Hayama, Kaminoyama city, Yamagata Pref.
Hours No scheduled holiday/ Reservation is between 8:00~22:00
Access [The closest IC ] 【From Tokyo】80min from Fukushima Iizaka IC, road 13. 【From Sendai】30 min from Yamagata Zao IC, road 13. 【From Shonai】15min from Yamagata Kaminoyama IC, road 13. [By JR Yamagata Shinkansen] Tokyo station ―Yamagata Shinkansen “Tsubasa”―Kaminoyama Onsen station―5 min by free shuttle from the hotel. Sendai station―Sendai Line for 60 min―Yamagata station―Ou Main Line for 10 min―Kaminoyama Onsen station―5 min by free shuttle from the hotel. ※Please inquire beforehand about the free shuttle from the hotel as it has a timetable.
Phone 023-672-5454