Let’s Get Yourself into the JUNGLE! Canoeing in Ishigaki Island

We suggest you to take a wonderful short trip in the Miyara river, which is registered as a national natural conservation. Once you step into the river, there will be crazily congested nature and the island's natural jungle. From young children to old men, everyone can enjoy the rich nature by canoeing. Please come and join the short adventure.


Information provided by Ishigaki city’s tourism department.


1050-1 Miyara Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa

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Tadaima Japan Editorial Team

Tadaima Japan Editorial Team

Tadaima Japan Editorial Team

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Address 1050-1 Miyara Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa
Hours 8:00~21:00
Access About 10 min from Ishigaki Airport
Website http://www.yaeyama.or.jp/