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Look at the restaurant’s sign… its logo is two Japanese bamboo hats!

The Japanese swordsman’s home village of Yagyu takes about 1 hour to get to from the center of Nara city by bus. It takes about 50 minutes from Kintetsu’s Nara station and Jyube restaurant is just in front of the Yagyu-kami bus stop. Jyube restaurant serves Udon, Soba, various types of rice bowl dishes, and an edible wild plant meal. You can even enjoy eating a wild boar meal during the winter season. Its sign consists of the name of Jyube’s swordsman and two Japanese bamboo hats on a wooden sign. You might see its logo many times, while visiting places in the village.


The origin of Jyube’s name

The name, ‘Jyube’ comes from Jyube Yagyu, the Japanese swordsman from the Yagyu family. Jyube was born into a powerful clan, the Yagyu family, during the Edo period (1700~1900). He led a vagabond life as a medieval knight and was responsible for many legendary stories. Movies and novels about Jyube were produced in Japan based his legends. He is, however, not a legendary swordsman in the movies and novels. Jyube is described as wearing a patch over one eye, because of a childhood accident. Yagyu village still has the cedar tree that was planted before his arrival, and he founded the Masakimasa-dojyo. Nara’s Houtokuji temple is home to his grave.



The symbol of the Yagyu family! A small souvenir with the Yagyu family crest.

The restaurant logo on the sign is the Yagyu family crest. Japanese family names will usually include a crest to show the family roots. Jyube‘s family crest consists of two Yagyu bamboo hats. It is one kind of bamboo hat crest and it’s design is called an ‘ichimegasa’. Small Yagyu family roof tiles are sold at the Jyube restaurant as souvenirs and are cheap at only three hundred yen. They also sell other souvenirs like the tea. Please reminisce about the Yagyu village, with its deep connection with the Yagyu family, if you take a roof tile home with you!


83-3 Yagyūchō Nara-shi, Nara

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Address 83-3 Yagyūchō Nara-shi, Nara
Hours 9:00〜16:00
Access 50min by bus from Kintetsu Nara station
Phone 0742-94-0500