OTC market

OTC market

The Landmark of Sapporo City

Every morning, fresh vegetables, fruits, and fish are sold at the Sapporo City Wholesale Market. Next to the market, you’ll find an over-the-counter market that is opened to everyone. There are about 60 different shops including vegetable stores, grocers, canteens, and sushi restaurants that use fresh ingredients from the market. You can also buy popular sweets, liquor and other Hokkaido souvenirs.

shushi-dokoro Kita-no-shun

Breakfast in Sapporo

There are about 10 shops in Sapporo city that sells kaisendon (sashimi rice bowl). The locals recommend a restaurant called “sushi-dokoro kita-no-shun” (すし処 北の旬). This place is hidden in a narrow pathway so if you have trouble finding it, please ask the locals for directions. Here, you can either order your choice of fish or leave it to the sushi master. I ordered the “kita-no-kaisendon” (shellfish selection) and it was delicious!

kaisendon, a sashimi rice bowl

Look at that! There are salmon eggs (ikura), sea urchin (uni), deep-water shrimp (ama-ebi), Maguro, salmon, shellfish, all served fresh!
According to the master, he wants his customers to enjoy the taste of the sashimi itself and recommends eating it by dipping each piece in soy sauce.

Let’s eat!
I was first so amazed at the sweetness and savory taste (umami) of the ikura. It has fat and bubbly texture to each egg. I also liked the Hokkaido specialty “Hokkigai” (北寄貝), or saltwater clams, that were so chewy and juicy. All the seafood is so fresh, that you won’t experience that ‘fishy’ smell usually associated with it. There are also mini-kaisendon that are suitable for beginners, so try it even if you are eating raw fish for the first time!
If you’re still hungry, why not order your favorite piece of sashimi by the slice, or try something new!


All you can eat “Sanpei-jiru”soup for free!

Hokkaido’s local dish “Sanpei-jiru” soup is all you can eat.
Sanpeijiru is made of Konbu soup stock boiled with salmon and other root vegetables like daikon, potatoes, and carrots. The Sanpeijiru I had was made from daikon and salmon that had a pleasant, salty umami. Be careful not to eat too much! I had a really good breakfast!


21 Kita 11 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture

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Address 21 Kita 11 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture
Hours 8:00~15:00/ Closed on Wednesday
Access 527m away from Nijyuyonken station
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