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Japan’s new sightseeing spot.

We have introduced many places to sightsee in Japan, but this might be a relatively new place that is unique to Japan. This wayside rest area was originally for the truck drivers and elderly drivers who needed to take a break. It used to be a basic rest stop with only toilets, but has changed over time.
Local vendors started selling their local specialties and opened a restaurant. The Japanese rest stop has turned into an attraction for sightseeing and has opened up in many locations all over Japan. There are now more than 1000 rest stops, and the more popular ones attract more tourists than the tourist locations they recommend.

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The Kyoda rest stop became one of the top rated rest areas in Japan!

Kyoda in Nago city, Okinawa was rated as one of the ‘top 20 rest stops’ in Japan! Please visit if you are on the island of Okinawa. They are proud of selling locally harvested, fresh vegetables and fruits. These products are harvested and sold by the local people, so they are much cheaper than other vendors. You can ship your purchase(s) to your house, so you don’t have to be inconvenienced by heavy suitcases.

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More attractions of Kyoda… it never ends!

I recommend that you try other foods, especially Okinawa’s fried buns called Sata Andagi that are similar to doughnut holes. The Mitsuya Honpo brand is delicious. Its crispy crust and soft dough are really tasty and sweet. You can also buy tickets for popular tourist locations like Churaumi Aquarium and Nakijin Castle (designated as a World Heritage Site). There’s also an observation platform at Kyoda where you can view the entire ocean of Okinawa. It’s very nice to be able to stop by, take a break, and prepare for the rest of your journey!

yummy fried donut!


17−1 Kyoda, Nago city, Okinawa

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Address 17−1 Kyoda, Nago city, Okinawa
Hours 8:30~19:00 (Parking area and toilets are available anytime.)
Access 1h drive from Naha
Phone 0980-54-0880