Nakijin castle

Nakijin castle

nakijin castle

It was designated as one of the “Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Kingdom of Ryukyu” in 2000.

Nakijin Castle is proud of its vast grounds, which measures about 4 hectares to include it’s surrounding slopes. You can see the solid castle backed by the beautiful sea. You can’t say that you enjoyed the Nakijin Castle just from its amazing scenery, because Nakijin Castle is also a precious place where you can learn about the history of Okinawa.

stone walls

The three largest kingdoms were facing off with each other for over a century.

In 14th Century Okinawa, it was a time when Hokuzan Kingdom, Chuzan Kingdom, and Nanzan Kingdom were in competition for dominance. Nakijin Castle is said to be the main castle of Hokuzan Kingdom. Going into the 15th century, Hokuzan was defeated by the King of Ryukyu Kingdom, Hashi Sho, but the castle was used as an important base to rule the Northern part. Knowing some brief history, let’s take a look at it. You’ll see that, the castle is surrounded by an 8meter high stone wall, which is continues for about 1.5 kilometers. The exit and entrance is too small to sneak in. You can see that it’s obviously difficult to get inside. Guess how Hashi Sho overcame this heavily protected castle? He offered a bridge to the Hokuzan King’s secretary, allowing him enter from the Shijima-jyokaku entrance. No matter how perfectly built the castle is, its still vulnerable to human influence, as history shows.

stone walls

Things you should know before visiting

As you can see in the photos, there are many slopes, and in addition to this the roads are sometimes not paved and are quite rocky at times and show wooden panels at other times. You should be careful when walking on the street. Nakijin Castle is famous for its Taiwan cherry blossoms, but the season is only between January and February. Please check the information if you are visiting for the cherry blossoms. Enjoy your trip to Nakajin Castle!


5101 Imadomari Nakijin-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa

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Address 5101 Imadomari Nakijin-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Hours 8:00-16:00(Final entry)/No holidays
Access 1h21min from naha-city by car. 30min from Nago-city. 10min from Churaumi Aquarium
Phone 0980-56-4400