The Japanese style egg roll, Tamagoyaki

How do you cook eggs in your country?
Tamagoyaki is one kind of home cooked egg dish that mothers typically make in Japan.
Tamagoyaki is found in many Japanese entrees such as a side dish during breakfast, in lunch boxes, and in sushi. Its role in sushi is to add a bright color to the seafood. Have you ever seen Tamagoyaki? If not, take a look at the pictures below. You’ll notice that the egg is continually rolled over on itself when you look at its cross section. The secret to making it lies in the special frying pan.



It was considered a luxurious food during the Edo period

Tamagoyaki is popular and is a ‘must have’ in the lunch box. During the Edo period, common people could not enjoy it as a luxury. Since then, it’s become more popular for them.


Tamagoyaki is rolled up in a rectangular frying pan using chopsticks

In Japan, fried eggs are made in a rectangular frying pan. They’re made by, pouring a little bit of scrambled up egg into the flying pan. When it finishes cooking, roll it up and move it to the backside of the pan and add more scrambled eggs. Once those eggs are finished, roll them up in the egg in the back of the pan. Repeat the steps until you get a nice fluffy ‘roll’ of egg. After completed, slice it into an easy-to-eat size with a kitchen knife and place on a dish. It’s rolled up into somewhat of a square form because of the shape of the frying pan. It’s a popular technique in everyday Japanese home cooking and is exceptionally unique, if you think about it. How about picking up a Tamagoyakiki pan as a souvenir?

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