The Neko-café in Tokyo, where you can have cats ‘n’ coffee! A fun time with the comic duo of the Montblancs!

2018-09-27 tocotoco tv   Visit: Modern Japan, Tokyo,

Inside the cat cafe.

“Toco Toco T.V.,” a French T.V. Program that introduces Japanese culture!

Toco Toco T.V. is a French television program where Japanese guests introduce their favorite places in Japan. Tadaima Japan is collaborating with Toco Toco T.V. and will pick up some of their programs from now on. Today, we will introduce a cat café in Ebisu, Tokyo called “Nyafe-Melange,” with the comic duo, Montblancs!

The comic duo, Montblancs.

A place to retreat in middle of Tokyo called, “Nyafe-Melange”

Nyafe-Melange is about a 3 min walk from the west exit of Ebisu station in the Ebisu district of Shibuyu in Tokyo. Its name is combined with the sound that a cat makes, “Nyaa” and the English word “Cafe”. “Melange” is French for “mix”. It’s fully equipped with Wi-Fi so that you can stay in tune with rest of the world and share your good times on SNS sites while relaxing and playing with the cats. We visited the café with a comic duo based out of Tokyo, the “Montblancs”. Kita and Aizawa began their routine together in 2006 and have been performing mainly in Tokyo. They have never been to Neko Café (Cat Cafe) and wanted to know if it was a fun place to go. Anyway, we headed up there to check it out!

Inside of the Nyafe-Melange

A cat.

A coffee at Neko cafe.

They broke into a smile and said, “This is hilarious!”

Kita seemed to misunderstand Neko Café as a place is where you can have coffee with a cat in it. When we walked in, we were welcomed by a lot of adorable cats, who brought smiles to our faces. Aizawa also couldn’t get over how cute they were and looked like he was having a good time! They got so caught up with the cats that they forgot to order coffee! Coffee can be addictive, but the cats became even more addictive!

Playing with cats at Nyafe Melange.

Feeding bonito flakes to the cats.

Feed the cats dried bonito flakes and you’ll become their best friend!

The cats’ love dried bonito flakes, and just holding some will automatically draw them to you like a magnet. Cats are usually elusive and unfriendly, so you’ll feel very happy when they take to you. Why not try to find a favorite cat at Nyafe-Melange and visit it regularly? It’s nice to have a cat that you can see anytime you want and reminisce about it at work.

A Cat looking at somewhere...



3F Mani Build. 1-7-13 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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toco toco T.V. is a French T.V. program where a Japanese guest introduces his/her favorite place in Japan. Tadaima Japan is collaborating with Toco Toco T.V. and will pick up some of their programs from now on.


Address 3F Mani Build. 1-7-13 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Hours [Mon-Thr] 12:00-20:00 [Fri&Sat] 12:00-21:00 [Sun&National Holiday] 12:00-20:00
Phone 03-5449-4024