Tomariko Port

It’s easily accessible and has a beautiful beach!

To get to Zamami Island, you can take either the speedboat called Kosokusen-Zamami for 50 minutes, or take the ferryboat called Zamami for 90 minutes from Naha’s Tomariko-port. Tomariko-port is located 10 to 15 minutes away from Naha Airport by car, so I recommend taking a taxi to get there if you are coming from Naha Airport. This is an isolated Island and is relatively close to Naha, so it’s a location that’s ideal for those who don’t have much time to relax. You can conveniently buy ferry tickets online 24 hours a day.!doFormOpenLogin.action


There are many types of water sports that you can enjoy on Zamami Island!

If you come to this little isolated Island, what you’ll get is the beautiful blue sea! There are many snorkeling shops, fishing shops, and diving shops on Zamami Island, so you can casually experience water sports even if you are a beginner! If you’re not good at swimming, why not try the Hawaiian standup paddleboat? It should be really fun to do, with your friends! You can check out the shops that offer water sports at this URL.


Zamami village Okinawa Prefecture

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Address Zamami village Okinawa Prefecture
Access 50min by speedboat “kosokusen-zamami” 90min by ferry “zamami” from Naha’s port “Tomariko-port”