Relax in the ‘Bath of Beauty’ Hot Spring – Shizuoka’s Hidden Beauties Part 3

The town in the Sumatakyo Onsen area runs this outdoor hot spring.
Known as Bijin-no-yu, or the “bath for beauty, this onsen is famous for its effects on moisturizing and smoothening the skin.

An extremely authentic Japanese onsen resort

After looking around the Sumatakyo promenade, we decided to soak in a hot spring and relax.

The Sumatakyo Onsen area has been cherished as a natural hot spring area since it was founded in 1962. They have three main rules: no geisha or hostesses, no neon-signs, and no sign boards in the mountain areas. They are all used to keep the elegance and order since the beginning of this old hot spring area. For these reasons, Sumatakyo is still a calm and peaceful place. There are 10 hotels, each with an onsen. There is also 1 outdoor onsen that is managed by the town, where you can bathe without the need to stay at a hotel. Let’s take a look.

The landmark of this onsen area is the monument of a gazelle. Climb up the hill past the monument, and you’ll find the town managed onsen called Bijo-dsukuri-no-yu (美女づくりの湯), which means ‘hot water that makes women beautiful’.



You need to buy a ticket here. The fee is 400 yen, and 200 yen for a towel if you desire.


Don’t be mislead by the color of the noren: The left hand side is for women, and the right side is men, both with an area to relax.


The ‘beauty bath’ moisturizes and smoothens your skin.

The source of the onsen is rich in hydrogen sulfide and sulfur, both which smoothens and moisturizes your skin… hence the name, “Bijo-dzukuri”.

The small rocky bath has pale blue water that smells of sulfur.
After washing myself, I soaked in the water and was very surprised by its silkiness! This is so good! This hot spring is very close to its source, so you can enjoy a very thick, silky onsen. It feels so good to soak in the water, being surrounded by nature. It will take your fatigue away.

Grab a beer after bathing!

My skin became so moisturized and smooth, that I didn’t need to use any lotion or cream. I was happy! I also found this local beer with a cute label on it and I remembered my SL train ride while sipping it. This felt just like heaven! The beer is made with pure water from Mt. Fuji and uses 100% barley malt. The Oigawa railway beer tastes so refreshing and is a very smooth beer.

Use the “Yuragi-tegata” pass to tour several onsen.

You can also try other hot springs at the hotels in the Sumatakyo Onsen area. It will depend on how busy they are, so please ask their staff. You can also buy a“Yuragi-tegata”for 1,000 yen that enables you to try three different onsen in the area. You can buy this magical ticket at souvenir shops or hotels.


Did I get beautiful?

There is more to do!

What about visiting a Japanese inn?
Photo by suikoen

Apart from the onsen, the surrounding area is blessed by beautiful nature and breathtaking sights. Read my other articles to learn more:


368-3 Senzu Kawanehon-chō, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture

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Address 368-3 Senzu Kawanehon-chō, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka Prefecture
Hours 9:30~18:00(The time may changes according to the season) Adult 400 yen
Access 5 min walk from the bus stop “Sumatakyo Onsen”. Take a bus bound for “Sumatakyo onsen” from Oigawa Railway “Senzu” station.
Phone 0547-59-3985