A one-day trip to Shizuoka’s hidden region. Vol.2: It’s a thrill to make a wish on the “Bridge of dreams”!

2018-09-10   Visit: Parks & Nature, Shizuoka,



The last hidden region of Oigawa.

Senzu station is the last stop on the SL and this is where you jump on the tram bound for Sumatakyo Onsen, which departs at 1:20 P.M.
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As I slowly go up to the narrow mountain path, I noticed that traffic gets a littler lighter. After 40 minutes of hiking, I reached Sumatakyo, said to be the last hidden region of Oigawa. The virgin forest is 16km long and has a 100-meter difference in elevation. There are some hot spring hotels and souvenir shops surrounded by mountains, so the area is really quiet and the air is so clean. This area sounds as if it’s a legitimately hidden region. I somehow understand what’s happy about not having much.




3 routes to hike in the vasty nature

Sumatakyo is also the starting point for the train to the South Alps. There are three major hiking routes. The “Green shower road,” goes along the pure stream of the Sumatagawa River. The “Soto-moriyama hiking course” goes to the Mt. Soto-Moriyama where acacia grows. The “Sumatakyo promenade course” passes through the Suspension bridge of dreams, or “Yume-no-Tsuribashi”
※For more details→Sumatakyo Map
Each route can be hiked in 1 to 2 hours, so you can actually try all of them out if you want. For the advanced hiker, I would recommend to hike up to the Asahi-dake or Mt. Sawaguchi. We were not energetic enough to go any further, so we decided to go to the Promenade course through the hot spring street!


Walking in the fresh green forests.


You can see the “Sarunami-bridge” in this picture.
It’s on the “Green shower road” route. The majestic scenery of mountains is so stunning!


“The tunnel of Tenshi”
There is a myth about the wind. It is said that, if you touch the wind blown from here, you can get good health.





This is it, the mysterious contrast of green and blue.

After passing the promenade and tunnel, the emerald green lake pops up in front of your eyes! It’s vividness almost made me faint. I continued to the climb the steep staircase and found the suspension bridge known as, The Bridge of dreams where beautiful green trees stretch along the lake.
This is the real hidden place. It’s mystical energy drifts across the bridge. It’s so nice….

The bridge crosses over the intersection of the Omagawa and Sumatagawa Rivers. It is 90-meters long and 8-meters high. It was named after the fear of crossing the bridge and it’s ability to give you bad dreams, but the way it stands is also “dreamy” and beautiful.




Make a wish in middle of it!

Once I took my first step, the bridge started swaying with an unpleasant sound. The two floors are stable and you can see the lake just 8-meters below. The bridges capacity is 10 people and is one- way traffic. It sways more than you think, so be careful and cross it slowly.
Once you reach the middle, make a wish for a person you admire. There is a jinx here that says, the wish you make for love comes true. You’ll see many couples around the bridge. I can imagine it would come true if you wish for love in such a beautiful location. Can I get a date with a good looking guy?… I’m joking!


Why does the river look so blue?

The Sumatagawa River has such clear blue water.
The water contains less minute particles, so light reflects better off of the surface of clean blue water.
It’s very beautiful!





Take a break and slowly go up 304 steps!

A staircase with 304 steps is waiting for you right after passing the scary suspension bridge! The signboard kindly says to take a break and slowly go up the 304 steps. Once you cross the bridge, you can’t go back. I decided to go up quickly. There are rest areas on the way, so please keep your pace and go slowly.
There is a bridge called “Hiryuu-bashi” at the top. You can also see the bridge of dreams from a distance. It looks a bit different when you look at it from here, but is still, very beautiful.




“Kawanecha” tea, grown in the Southern Alps

I took a rest in the souvenir shop after hiking.
Kawane-honcho city is where the Sumatakyo produces Kawanecha tea and is famous for using water from the pure stream of the Southern Alps. It tastes so mild and smells good too.
The souvenir shop I was in is “Nagashima-en” and they have “Matcha” soft ice cream.
The sweet, cold ice cream tasted so good! The sweetness of “Matcha” flavored soft ice cream is great! I couldn’t help but to eat it before taking picture!

Next time, I’ll introduce the best places to relax yourself you after hiking.


279 Senzu Kawanehon-chō, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka

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Address 279 Senzu Kawanehon-chō, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka
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