Sat, 1st August: Hassaku

Festival for harvest in Yurihonji City (Source:

This old custom is also called “Ta-no-mi-no-sekku”and it’s for giving the first ears of rice to those who take care of you. There will be festivals to wish for a successful, large harvest all over Japan.

Sat, 8th August: Risshu

Risshu (立秋) means “the beginning of autumn”in Japanese. It will be in the middle of summer, but a sense of autumn is said to come from this day.

Around the 14th of August: Obon

The ghosts of your ancestors are said to come back to this world around this day to spend some time with your family. Japanese families will return to their parent’s houses and pray for their ancestors. also see our article: Obon.

Around 14th August: Obon Holiday

Along with Obon season, schools and companies also close for the Obon holiday. There will be many people returning to their hometowns and airlines and shinkansen will be fully booked. The highways of Japan will also be jam-packed.

Sun, 23rd August: Shosho

It’s the day when the summer heat starts to calm down. The grains of rice begin to ripen and the cool wind blows during the day into the night. It’s also the season for typhoons in Japan.

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