Neon signs that reflect Osaka’s flashy culture are a must see in “Doutonbori”!

Osaka’s Doutonbori is between Nihonbashi and Daikoku-bashi. There are many restaurants located here and the city is famously known as, “the city of food”. The flashy neon lights are one of the attractions at this tourist destination, so let’s walk the streets of Osaka at night!

The famous signboard, moving crab

 Doutonbori’s entrance

Along the river

Being “Ha-de”, is OSAKA!

Osaka is getting popular among tourists in Japan. Generally speaking, people in Osaka are extraverted, straight forward, and can easily relate to others. If you look around the streets, you’ll notice some people dressed in flashy clothes. Speaking of stereotype, women dressed in leopard-patterned shirts or pants are widely recognized as middle-aged in Osaka, among most Japanese people! The flashy neon lights reflect Osaka’s “Ha-de” (pronounced ha-dae), or extravagant culture! This area is close to Namba station, where most tourists pass during their stay in Osaka, so don’t miss it!

6th Glico sign

Crazy big octopus

The famous signboard, moving crab

Speaking of Doutonbori, it’s “Glico”!

Look at these glowing neon lights! There’s a variety of signage from restaurants and shop’s that loudly express their existence, as if they’re pushing each other aside! The most eye-catching signboard is the “Glico sign”. The history of the Glico sign is unexpectedly old. It was first built in 1935 and has had its design changed over the years, with the current design being the 6th. It was renewed last October, so try to come and visit the new one, even if you’ve seen it before!


Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka city, Osaka Pref.

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Address Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka city, Osaka Pref.
Access Subway Sennichimae line and Midosuji line "Nihonbashi" station