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Mon, 16th July: Chigasaki-kaigan Hamaori-sai in Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture

Source: soiya.jp

The festival is held with both the Chigasaki and Samukawa Shrines. In the early morning, about 40 gorgeous Mikoshi are paraded at the coast. The way the Mikoshi dance wildly is astonishing. It will be held between 5am to around 9am.

● Chigasaki-kaigan Hamaori-sai
Place:Chigasaki Nishi Hama Kaigan Coast
Access:20 min walk from JR Chigasaki station, South Exit

Sun, 22nd July to Tue, 24th July: Uwajima Ushi-oni Festival in Uwajima city, Ehime Prefecture


The festival goes on for three days. Many Ushi-oni (the imaginary monster that is a combination of a bull and demon) walk in the parade and perform the traditional dance, Umajima-odori. The highlights are the fireworks sparkling in the dark sky and the running on the final day.

● Uwajima Ushi-oni Festival
Place:Ushi-oni street, Kisaiya road, and Sukagawa
Access:JR Uwajima station

Tue, 24th July to Wed, 25th July: Tenjin Matsuri in Osaka


It is one of the three largest festivals in Japan. There are about 3,000 people engaged in “Rikutogyo” walking, and later about 100 ships cross the river during the “Funatogyo” ritual. The highlight of this event is the over 4000 fireworks used to light up the sky of Osaka.

● Tenjin Matsuri
Address: 2 Chome-1-8 Tenjinbashi Kita-ku, Osaka
Access:Subway Tanimach line/Sakaisuji line “Minami-morimachi” station or JR Tozai line Osaka Tenmanguu station.

Fri, 27th July to Sun, 29th July: FUJIROCK FESTIVAL’18 in Yuzawa city, Niigata Prefecture


The largest music festival in Japan that chants the slogans; “Do it yourself”, “Cooperate and give to others”, and “Respect nature”. You can enjoy music in nature with everyone, including the artists. This year’s lineup is: Bob Dylan, Kendrick Lamar, Vampire Weekend, Skrillex, etc.

Place:Naeba Ski Resort
Address:202 Mikuni Yuzawa-machi, Minamiuonuma-gun, Niigata Prefecture
Access:Take a shuttle bus from JR East Japan “Echigo Yuzawa” station
(One way:¥500, and Return is free)
Inquiry:E-plus customer centre 0570-06-991

Official Website (English): Fuji Rock Festival

Sat, 28th July: Sumida River Fireworks Festival in Sumida-ku, Tokyo


It is one of the most famous firework festivals in Japan. It has two sites to launch fireworks, so if you can position yourself somewhere in between, you can see layered fireworks, which is incredibly beautiful. Both sites will be really crowded, so be sure to reserve a place in advance by arriving early. You can also check our article: Get ready for the Sumida River fireworks Festival

● Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival
Place:(1st Site)From lower reaches of Sakurabashi bridge to upper stream of Kototoibashi bridge.
(2nd Site)From the lower reaches of Komagatabashi bridge to upper stream of Umayabashi bridge.
Address:Metropolitan Expressway No. 6 Mukojima Route
Access:(1st Site)15 min walk from Tobu Skytree line/ Ginza line/ Toei Asakusa line’s “Asakusa” station.
(2nd Site)5min walk from Toei Asakusa line or Toei Oedo line “Kuramae”station.

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