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Ikeda city in Osaka where the museum is.
It’s in Ikeda city in Osaka where instant ramen was born.
Momofuku Ando is the founder of Nissin food and the inventor of Instant Ramen.
Momofuku Ando is the founder of Nisshin Food Products and the inventor of Instant Ramen.

Osaka is where instant ramen started.

August 25th, 1958 is the day when instant ramen was born and is now eaten all over the world. It’s creator, Momofuku Ando had been doing research with basic tools in a small cabin he built in his yard. The most famous Japanese instant ramen, Chicken Ramen, was created in this cabin and is the origin of the instant ramen of today. The museum is in Ikeda city, Osaka where instant ramen was born. There are a variety of fun exhibitions and events held at the museum, including a workshop where you can make your instant ramen.

 The cabin where instant ramen was invented.
The cabin where instant ramen was invented.
The basic tools
The world famous “Chicken Ramen”was invented by using ordinary tools except the noodle-making machine and iron kettle.
The instant ramen tunnel
The instant ramen tunnel
The first chicken ramen
The first chicken ramen

This is instant ramen paradise!

One of the most eye-catching exhibitions is the graphical display showing the worldwide distribution of instant ramen that’s consumed by more than one hundred billion people every year. The “Instant ramen tunnel” is also fun to see. It exhibits a variety of Japanese instant ramen, starting from the original chicken ramen, to the more modern, colorfully packaged instant ramen.

 Chicken ramen factory
Chicken ramen factory

Kneading the dough

Let’s make our own Chicken Ramen!

Another attraction is the chicken ramen factory, where you can cook your own ramen. You can knead the ramen dough and season it by yourself. It’s so fun to eat ramen that you prepared yourself and is also a very moving experience if you are a big fan of chicken ramen. It enables you to experiencing what Momofuku Ando had done when he created instant ramen!

Tadaima Japan’s Noodles

The hand made package
Tadaima Japan’s Noodles!

The best souvenir ever!

The reputable name, “Cup Noodle” is a well-known instant ramen all over the world and many people might not know that it’s actually a brand name. You can design the packaging by yourself and choose your favorite topping at the “my cup noodle factory.” Wouldn’t it be a fun souvenir? Please try to visit if you like cup noodle!


Masumicho Ikeda, Osaka 8-25 

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Address Masumicho Ikeda, Osaka 8-25
Hours 9:30 ~ 16:00 (Last entry is 15:30 )
Access 5 min walk from Hankyu-takarazuka line “Ikeda”station.(From the exit to Masumi-cho)
Phone (072) 752-3484