We went to the ‘real’ market in Osaka,“Kuromon Ichiba” , or Osaka’s kitchen!

Osaka’s shopping street is said to have started around 1902. There are currently, more than 180 shops and half of them are fish retailers. Other shops like fruit dealers, grocers, and restaurants have recently been increasing in number. It’s famously known as a sight seeing place where many foreign tourists visit.


Take a look around this market where professional traders come!

“Kuromon Ichiba”is famously known among people in Osaka. It’s commonly called “Osaka’s kitchen”. There are currently more than 180 shops, and they’re usually crowded with housewives, traders, and cooks from restaurants in the early morning. From fish retailers to butchers, all of them are fun to watch! According to recent data, 1 visitor out of every four is from another country.



You should treat your experience as an eating tour!

While walking around this famous area, grab some of the delicious food they have to offer like grilled fish, pickles and cut fruits!


The service at this market is clearly different from others! Some fish retailers will cut the tuna’s head on site, and serve it with soy sauce. They’ll even have fresh sea urchin to eat by the spoonful.
I’m totally convinced why some people come here to eat breakfast.



There are many shops that help foreign tourists!

From drug stores to candy shops, there are also some shops that sell things exclusively,“Made in Japan”.


The staff at the shops are all very cheerful and happy! Even if you don’t understand Japanese, you can still have a nice time while shopping. There are free resting areas, toilets, and free Wi-Fi available to everyone at the market. Please enjoy Osaka’s exciting and vibrant market!



2-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka city, Osaka

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Address 2-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka city, Osaka
Hours 9:00~18:00(Depend on the shop)
Access Subway Sennichimae line “Nihonbashi”station Exit 10
Phone 06-6631-0007
Website [English] http://honyaku.j-server.com/LUCKUROMON/ns/tl.cgi/http%3a//www.kuromon.com/?SLANG=ja&TLANG=en&XMODE=0&XCHARSET=utf-8&XJSID=0 [Chinese] http://honyaku.j-server.com/LUCKUROMON/ns/tl.cgi/http%3a//www.kuromon.com/?SLANG=ja&TLANG=zhb&XMODE=0&XCHARSET=utf-8&XJSID=0