Dive into water by Bus! The first “amphibious sightseeing bus” in Japan will make your trip to Osaka even more fun!

The amphibious bus measures 11.95 meters in length, 2.45 meters in width, and 3.7 meters tall. The Osaka Duck tour“provides you with an exciting trip of 60 min on the road and 30 min on the water.



The symbol of the Duck Tour is the character,“kappa”!

If you are an anxious person who wants to see the entire city of Osaka with good tour guide in an exciting way, this tour is for you! The“Osaka Duck Tour”offers you an experience on an amphibious sightseeing bus that has a cute picture of “kappa”, the water sprite! The propeller on the back is unexpectedly small.


It starts on land.

The starting point is “Kawa-no-eki-hachikenya”. Let’s get on! With a delightful guide, the atmosphere in the bus becomes cheerful.


The guidance is only in Japanese, but it is fun to witness the scenery. The bus has no windows, so it’s an open atmosphere! I was expecting the strong wind to be a little refreshing, but it was a bit cold. It’s nice in the hot summer, but you’d better bring a raincoat if it rains.




The road tour is a great ride and passes by several famous sites.
The Osaka history museum is unexpectedly very modern, contrary to the fact that they exhibit old historical items of Osaka. “Osaka fucho” is a historical building that was built in 1926. It is often used as a filming location for movies.
The Japan Mint is a hidden place, great for spectacular views of cherry blossom trees. The 560-meter long, “Sakura-no-torinuke” tunnel is popular among people every year. It’s a must see if you are visiting here during spring.


The highlight of this tour is diving into the water!

Be careful, if your sitting next to a window! Are you ready?


It feels as if you’re in a very dramatic period of time.


It feels like your on a roller coaster! From this point, you can enjoy the tour on the water. Impressive scenery like Osaka-jo and looking up beneath the bridge are some of the highlights.


On the other side, kappa is waving it’s hands. There is also kappa merchandise available for purchase if you’re interested.

【Tour Price (tax incl.)】

 Adult: 3,700yen / Under 12 years old: 2,300 yen / Infant (Under 2 years old) 600yen

 Adult: 3,200yen / Under 12 years old : 2,2300yen / Infant (Under 2 years old) 500yen


1-2 Kitahamahigashi Chūō-ku, Osaka city , Osaka

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Address 1-2 Kitahamahigashi Chūō-ku, Osaka city , Osaka
Hours 9:30~18:00
Access 5min walk from Subway Tanimachi line “Temmabashi” station Exit 2 / Keihan “Temmabashi” Exit 11 or 17
Phone 06-6941-0008
Website http://www.japan-ducktour.com/osaka/index.html