Osaka-jo, a famous and very modern castle revived from the Age of Civil Wars!

Osaka-jo Castle, known as the house of lord Hideyoshi Toyotomi, is located in the center of Osaka-jo Park and is the landmark of Osaka. The Castle was destroyed twice, with it’s most recent renovation in 1931. It is now designated as a registered tangible cultural property.

Osaka-jo Castle Tenshukaku

Osaka-jo Castle

Osaka-jo Koen Park

Osaka-jo Koen Park

The World’s oldest castle with super modern architecture.

Look at the majestic Osaka-jo! It’s one of the three most famous castles in Japan. How beautiful is that! This is definitely one of the places you should visit when coming to Osaka. The castle is located in the center of a park, so it‘s not only easy to access, but also known for its beautiful Ume and Cherry blossom trees. Osaka-jo has a very old history with the most current castle being re-built in 1931. This building is the 3rd generation and was built with reinforced concrete. The inside of castle was renovated several times with a wooden padded floor. More surprisingly, it has an elevator. In addition to this, the castle was built with an earthquake-resistant structure. It is designated as a tangible cultural property and is the oldest reinforced concrete building.

Observation Platform

The view

Let’s get the best view from the top of the castle!

To begin with, let’s go up to the 8th floor by elevator. You can view the entire city of Osaka from a height of 50-meters. You might be able to see activities and the daily lives of people on the streets in the large park. There’s a lot of nice scenery available, from seasonal flowers and buildings in Umeda, to Mt. Ikomayama in the distance.

The golden killer whale

A golden killer whale on the roof looks as if it’s flying in the sky. The killer whale is an imaginary animal that is said to protect the building. Its body is that of a fish, but the head looks more like a tiger. In case of a fire, it’ll sprinkle water from its mouth to extinguish it. It’s a guardian angel!

Natsu-no-jin’s miniature scale

Natsu-no-jin’s miniature scale

Panorama vision

You can learn about The Civil War through re-enactments on video and miniature scales! There are also traditionally dressed warriors!

On the other floors of the castle, you can learn about the history of Osaka-jo and it’s lord, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, who built Osaka-jo. On the 5th floor, there’s a miniature scale of The Civil War, and video re-enactments with English and Chinese versions. Please take a look!

Choose one from the 5 different warriors!

Wearing the costume

On the 2nd floor, there’s a booth where you can take photos wearing the warriors costumes. You can choose from 5 different warriors, and all of them are really important people in regards to Japanese history. The shape of each helmet is distinctive. The cost is 300 yen, so why not take a picture for a good memory?

Taking pictures.


1-1 Osaka-jo, Chuo-ku, Osaka

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