Eat good food in Osaka!

Osaka is the town for eating! We’ll recommend a route where you can enjoy the atmosphere of each place with people who’ll fill up your heart!


A:Have breakfast at Osaka’s canteen, the“Kuromon Ichiba Market”

This market is usually where vendors come to make their purchases, but is also crowded with visitors. Let’s have breakfast here while walking down the street! Some fish retailers will actually cut the tuna’s head on site and serve it with soy sauce. They’ll even have fresh sea urchin to eat by the spoonful!
Come and try all the unique food available here!
→We went to the ‘real’ market in Osaka,“Kuromon Ichiba” , or Osaka’s kitchen!

●Kuromon Ichiba Market
Access:Subway Sennichi mae line “Nihonbashi”station Exit 10
Hours:9:00~18:00(Depend on the shop)
Address:2-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka city, Osaka


B:Things to do during the morning Part 1: Osaka-jo Castle, where you can get a good view of the city from the top!

Osaka-jo is famously known as a landmark of Osaka. Please visit if you haven’t been here before. The castle was built with reinforced concrete. It’s fun to learn about the history associated with Osaka-jo, or just getting a glimpse of the city from the top.
→Osaka-jo, a famous and very modern castle revived from the Age of Civil Wars!

●Osaka-jo Castle
Access:Subway Tanimachi line “Tanimachi 4 chome” station. Exit 1-B or even from other exits.
Hours:9:00-17:00 (Last entry is 16:30)
Address:1-1 Osaka-jo, Chuo-ku, Osaka


C:Things to do during the morning Part 2:Dive into the river in an amphibious sightseeing bus!

How about taking a more unusual tour in Osaka? This first Japanese amphibious sightseeing bus takes you to famous destinations in Osaka, and it’ll even dive into the river! It’s almost like being at an amusement park!

→Dive into water by Bus! The first “amphibious sightseeing bus” in Japan will make your trip to Osaka even more fun!

●Osaka duck Tour (Kawa-no-eki-Hachikenya)
Access: 5min walk from Subway Tanimachi line “Temmabashi” station Exit 2 / Keihan “Temmabashi” Exit 11 or 17
Address:1-2 Kitahamahigashi Chūō-ku, Osaka city , Osaka


D:For lunch it’s the obvious, “Okonomiyaki”! It’s best to grill it yourself!

Let’s go back to the Namba area to eat lunch! All the seating at Okonomiyaki Hatsuse is private, so you can enjoy an intimate atmosphere with your friends or family. The okonomiyaki they offer can be made crispy or chewy, depending on who makes it. Enjoy!

● Okonomiyaki ”Hatsuse”
Access:3 min from Subway Midosuji line Exit B21 /1 min walk from Exit 5 Nankai Main line Namba
Hours:Weekday 11:30~24:00(L.O. 23:00)
Weekend 11:00~24:00(L.O. 23:00)
Address:Hatsuse Build. 2F 11-25 Sennichimae Namba, Cho-ku, Osaka city, Osaka


E:The flashy neon lights are must see in Osaka! “Dotonbori”

Let’s head to “Dotonbori” after lunch! There will always be tons of people here. You can either eat again, or shop at the numerous souvenir shops in the area. Take your time and do see the neon lights at night too!

Access: Subway Sennichimae line and Midosuji line “Nihonbashi” station
Address:Dotonbori, Chuo-ku, Osaka city, Osaka Pref.


F:For dinner, let’s go to the birthplace of ‘kushikatsu’at Osaka’s special restaurant,“Daruma!”

After waking around Dotonbori, you’ll probably get hungry, so let’s eat kushikatsu, skewered pork cutlets! This is Osaka’s soul food! Just remember the golden rule, Don’t double-dip, and eat and drink as much as you want!

●Kushikatsu Daruma
Access: 6min walk from Subway Ebisuhigashi station Exit 3. 8min walk from Ebisuhigashi. 6min walk from Subway, Midosuji line Dobutsukoen-mae station Exit 5, and more.
Address:2-3-9 Ebisuhigashi Naniwa-ku, Ōsaka

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