Easy access from Osaka! A 1400 yeas old temple connected with Shotoku Taishi: “Shitenno-ji Temple”

Shitenno-ji Temple was built about 1400 years ago in Japan as the first Buddhist Temple. The founder of this temple is Shotoku Taishi, who famously known as the person who introduced Buddhism to Japan. The current temple is one that was rebuilt in 1963 after a fire. You can find many Buddhist structures here on a 10,000 square meter plot of land.

Shiteno Daikoku-do

Gojyu-no-to and Kondo



The treasures in “Shitenno-ji Temple”

There are many important cultural assets at this site such as “Rokujiraisan-do”, A Torii gate, “Yuyahojo”, and the garden “Rokkakutei” (the ‘land of perfect bliss’). The building called “Chuusin-garan” has a beautiful contrast of red and white colors. Inside the temple, there are several Buddhist statues on exhibit in a very solemn atmosphere. Once you step inside, you might feel a little overwhelmed.

A turtle in the pond

Gokuraku-no-chi or ‘the land of perfect bliss’


The garden called “The Land of Perfect Bliss” has an ‘Edo period feel’ to it.

Going further in the Shitenno-ji Temple, you’ll find a garden called “the land of perfect bliss” with two ponds and two rivers. There are a variety of seasonal plants along side the rivers and ponds so you can experience the four Japanese seasons at anytime while staying in the middle of the lively city of Osaka. There is also a western gazebo called “Hakkakutei” that was built 100 years ago. It’s nice to see this western-style structure in the Japanese garden. This building is one of the properties designated as an important cultural asset.


Inside the hall

The national treasure, “Honbo Yuyahojo”

Yuyahojo is where monks used to live in Shitennno-ji Temple. “Yuya” refers to bathroom, and “Hojo” means the square room.
Once you step inside, there’s a spacious tatami floored room and a veranda where you can view the outside exterior. The garden of this Yuyahojo is called “Furadaku-no-niwa”. You can’t walk in this garden, but it’s beautiful to see because of the contract between it’s paved white sand and green foliage. It gives you a sense of Japanese beauty, or “wabi-sabi”.


The tea room

You can experience “wabi-sabi” in the tearoom!

There are four tearooms at Shitenno-ji Temple; Washoan, Rinchitei, Seiryutei and Fujintei. Please make a visit after your walk.

Tea utensils


1-11-18 Shitennoji, Tennoji Ward, Osaka

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miki iwai


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Address 1-11-18 Shitennoji, Tennoji Ward, Osaka
Hours April to September: A.M.8:30~P.M4:30 October to March: A.M.8:30~P.M.4:00
Access 15 min walk from Subway/ Midosuji line/ Tanimachi line “Shitennoji” station
Phone 06-6771-0066
Website http://www.shitennoji.or.jp