You must visit, if you like Japanese history! The hidden village of warrior who prays a peace in Nara Japan.

The hidden village 'Yagyu', it takes only one hour from central Nara city by a bus. There has deep conection with Yagyu family who produced famous Japanese warrior.

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The hidden village of a great swordsman

The village of ‘Yagyu’ takes about one hour from the Kintetsu station by the bus in Nara. It is from lively Nara station around to pass the way in the mountain and then arrived the mountains surround the village. The peaceful mountains surround village inside, there is silent scene. You will discover something interestings, if you consider not only there nature and historic landscapes but also form of casual house roof and decoration of the bridge by walking.



Visiting the great swordsman home village

Yagyu is the birthplace of Yagyu Shinkage-ryu that is one kind of representative swordplay in Japan. There also famous for Yagyu family home village that they served for Tokugawa shogunate to lead swordplay. There highlight is whatever the hidden village for swordsmen.
Samurai of Yagyu family, Jyube Yagyu set out on a wandering journey for improving his skill.
There exist that before the travel, he planted the cedar tree in front of his family grave, legendary the Ito-seki big stone with the great swordsmen legend. You can enjoy not only the sword but also Japanese iris in the garden. In the beautiful silent village landscape, you can find the sculpture in simplicity stone, and you can re-experience walking the same place that great swordsmen walked and practiced at there.


For the human living in the peaceful sword without killing the human

The swordsmen of Yagyu family taught the sword is not a technique for killing, it is one kind of tactics and attitude for peace. After the warring states period ( End of 15C~end of 15C), it was peace and no big war in Edo period(17C~19C). It is interesting during the Edo period, working sword for Tokugawa shogunate had kept the philosophy of swordplay for peace. How do you think re-experience on walking their past life in Yagyu village?




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Address 奈良県奈良市柳生町155-1
Access From JR/Kintetsu Nara station, approximately 50 minutes by taking   ([ Nara Kotsu bus ]: For Yagyu Oojinakamura).