The locally managed fireworks festival “Naniwa Yodogawa Firework Festival,”in Osaka.【MOVIE】

2017-04-21 ©Osaka Government Tourism Bureau   Festivals & Events, Osaka,

Fireworks are a Japanese tradition.

The rainy season in Japan is finally over and we are now entering the real summer! Fireworks festivals are held all over Japan during the summer.
Let’s preview the Japanese summer! Here we go, some footage of the“Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks Festival”that we took.

Did you like it?
This festival is operated through donations from local companies/shops and with the help of local volunteers. It is full of love! It has become the largest and most famous fireworks festival in Osaka. The contrast of the large fireworks backed by huge buildings is stunning! This year, they will set off the mega firework called “No. 10”for the first time in 17 years! Last year, they were not blessed with good weather, so it would be‘kick-ass’to have a good one this year!
Every time I hear the heavy sound of fireworks, I always feel as if I’m about cry. I don’t why, but the sound of fireworks just moves my heart.

Our recommendation is local small fireworks festivals!

Some of you may question where is the best place to see fireworks.
Well, I recommend small fireworks festivals, or local fireworks festivals for overseas tourists.
It won’t be so crowded and you should see fireworks in a comfortable place. It’s still very enjoyable, because thousands of fireworks are set off.

Things you should bring to the festival

Above all, predicting problems that can possibly happen beforehand is important when going to the fireworks festivals. The sites will be very crowded and some sites especially, because of their food vendors. There will be traffic control around the site, so please make sure to leave home early. Things you should bring are bug spray and medication for bug bites. You can buy them at convenience stores or drug stores. When purchasing these, I also recommend that you to get some wet tissues and frozen drinks! It’s so important to protect yourself against hot weather. Picnic sheets and foldable chairs are good for a small break. You may be able to find them at 100 yen shops. Another, very important item is, buying a return ticket for the train in advance once you arrive at the site, it’ll be easier than purchasing one on your way home! Enjoy the late night Japanese summer!



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Address Along the Yodogawa River from Shin-Midosuji Yodogawa Bashi Bridge to National Road 2.
Hours Sat, 8th August. PM7:50~8:40
Access 15 min walk from Hankyu Electric Railway “Juso”station,“Minamikata”station, Hansin Electric Railway “Himeji”station, JR “Tsukamoto”station, “Mitejima”station or Osaka Municipal Subway “Nishinakajima-Minamigata”station. 20 min walk from Osaka Municipal Subway “Nodahanshin”station, JR “Osaka”station,. 25 min walk from“Ebie”station or Hankyu Electric Railway/ Osaka Municipal Subway “Umeda”station. ※There will be traffic control.
Phone 06-6307-7765