Swim and Have fun at Amanohashidate Beach, One of the Three Best Scenic Views in Japan!

Did you know that there is a special beach in Kyoto?
Amanohashidate, one of the three best sceneries in Japan has a beach! The unusual geographical features called Sasu that lies between Aso Sea in Miyazu city, and Miyazu bay create Amanohashidate. The beautiful white sand and green pines stretch from south to north for about 3.6km. The place is related to a very old Japanese myth. You can also swim in the sea.

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Enjoy a rare setting in Japan

Amanohashidate is said to be built by gods as a bridge to heaven. If you are in Kyoto, a little tired of the usual temples and green tea, just grab the next train! Only 2 hours from Kyoto you can enjoy one of the three most beautiful views of Japan, the clear water of the sea,  and delicious seafood.

So, Amanohashidate is famous for being one of the three best scenic views of Japan, but as a beach itself, it is pretty rare too. Maybe you have not heard about it, but generally speaking, Japanese beaches are usually not clear enough to enjoy scenery or for swimming!  Amanohashidate is different, and  the southern part of the beach is full of families who come to swim in the sea.

The beach is fun for all. (Source: http://daiwaresort.lekumo.biz/)

The water is so clear you can see fishes, crabs, hermit crabs. You can rest under the shade of the pine trees. The combination of the sea and pine trees looks like it’s out of a woodblock print, and it looks typically Japanese even to Japanese people!

Well it actually is on a woodblock print by Utagawa Hiroshige.

There’s a beach house with a variety of foods and drinks. Don’t forget to ask for the English menu!  You can even rent bicycles. Clean public toilets and free showers are also available. Overall the prices are rather cheap and having access to everything at this one place makes everything easier.


You’ll look like an idiot but you have to do this!


Amanohashidate famous observation point is near the beach. The best way to view the scenery is very famous because it’s funny and makes you look a bit like an idiot: locals call it mata-nozoki, or peeping through your legs.
If you look at the scenery from between your legs, it will look as if a dragon is ascending into heaven! No need to be shy: everybody does it!

Other observation points are in the southern and northern parts at “Amanohashidate view land” and “Kasamatsu-koen”.

Don’t forget to eat fish just caught in the Sea of Japan.

The fresh sashimi caught near Amanohashidate

You can enjoy awesome, extra fresh seafood in the nearby onsen, hotels, and restaurants. Don’t miss out! If you want to have great sashimi, this is the place.

The fresh seafood caught near Amanohashidate

The famous bridge that opens up to 50 times a day

Another picturesque scenery is the Kaisenkyo bridge. It turns at a right angle as ships pass. You can enjoy it from a boat, as there are cruises through the pine-treed areas, or you can gather with the locals who enjoy watching the ship passing through the gate.


Amanohashidate koen, Monju, Miyazu city, Kyoto

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Address Amanohashidate koen, Monju, Miyazu city, Kyoto
Access 2 hours from Kyoto by JR Sanin mainline.
Website http://www.amanohashidate.jp/