An entertaining station where you can taste Japanese sake! “Echigo Yuzawa Station” in Niigata Prefecture

It takes an hour and a half to get to Echigo Yuzawa Station from Tokyo station by the Hokuriku Shinkansen (supertrain). It’s known as the hub for sightseers during the winter and brings in a lot of skiers. In December of 2009, the area called Co Co Lo Yuzawa Gangi-dori Street was born. You can eat Yuzawa’s specialties and buy some souvenirs on this “retro Showa” themed street. Information desks and public baths are also available.

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The exit of Echigo Yuzawa station

Kikizake Koshi-no-sitsu

You can taste sake right at the station! “Kikizake-Koshi-no-shitsu”

Echigo Yuzawa Station is where you can taste Japanese sake! In the back of Co Co Lo Gangi-dori Street, there’s a place called Ponshu-kan, where you can get just about any information on sake, as well as taste 5 different kinds of sake.

①Price: 500 yen at the reception and receive 5 medals and a cup.
②Choose from 93 different kinds of sake!
③Read the information about the sake you chose and taste it to confirm!
Through this process, you can tell which type of body might be your favorite, from a range of hard, medium, and light. The hours are A.M.9:00~P.M6:00(Summer) A.M.9:00~P.M8:00(Winter)

CoCoLo Gangi-dori Street

The hot spring “Yu-no-sawa” is rich with sake ingredients!

There is also an onsen called Sake-buro Yu-no-sawa. It’s a very rare hot spring, containing actual sake in the water. The sweet smell of sake and the vapor will surely heal you. Once you soak in the bath, your skin will get smoother thanks to the sake’s ingredients. The fee is 800 yen, which includes a body towel and hand towel. Follow the rules and enjoy your relaxing time!
※Please be careful not to slip on the floor after drinking sake.
Hours are A.M.10:30~P.M.5:30(Summer)A.M.10:30~P.M7:30(Winter)

Echigo Yuzawa station has an onsen and a café on the side of the station!

Kouji ice creme

Sake’s essential ingredient “Kouji”, or malted rice can be tasted at “Kouji Cafe”

The most important ingredient when making sake is Kouji or malted rice. There’s a café called “Kouji Cafe” next to the onsen, where you can taste the sweets and drinks that use Kouji. I highly recommend the Kouji softcreme! It’s so creamy and smooth with a light smell of malted rice. Why not try the Kouji softcreme after taking a bath?
Hours are A.M.9:00~P.M.6:00(Summer)A.M9:00~P.M8:00(Winter)


2427-1 Yuzawa, Minamiuonuma District, Niigata Prefecture

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Address 2427-1 Yuzawa, Minamiuonuma District, Niigata Prefecture
Hours ※Depend on the shop and the season.
Access Joetsu Shinkansen “Yuzawa Echigo”station
Phone 025-784-4499