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What are you looking forward when you travel to Japan? Going sightseeing? Shopping? And of course eating is a big part of the fun, isn’t it? 70% of foreign visitors, who come to Japan, say they look forward to eating Japanese food. Japanese food is inspired by the four seasons from many areas around Japan and there are many regional cuisines that even we Japanese have never eaten!“Food Action Nippon”is a movement fostered by companies, organizations, and the government to promote Japanese food. It especially includes agricultural products, in order to pass down these foods to future generations.

The producers are awarded based on“mono,” “koto,”and technique!

The 7th annual“Food Nippon Action Awards 2015”event will be held. People who engage in producing food (including processed food), promoting Japanese food, and who do research on producing food are invited from all over Japan. The best merchandise and services are nominated and awarded for promotion all over Japan. Last year, tomato juice, which uses Japanese tomatoes, and people who promoted drinking whole milled green tea leaf, won awards.
This year a new award called the “Inbound Award” began. Merchandise that targets foreign customers and its ease of purchase will be awarded. I wonder what will be nominated this year. Japanese food has been attracting foreign visitor’s attention. I think those who visit Japan will be able to find new attractions for Japanese food from this award. I’m so excited. The deadline for the award is August 31st.

You can purchase awarded merchandise this fall and winter!

If you are coming to Japan during fall or winter 2105, you’re lucky! Awarded merchandise can be purchased in and around Tokyo during this time as a trial basis! The merchandise targeted for foreign visitors will be exciting, but I hope you can also get a chance to try good Japanese food too. Japan imports a lot of food because of its aging population who are engaged in the agriculture and fishery industries. I hope more Japanese food is sold and eaten, to re-vitalize local economies and to pass down these assets to future generations.

The schedule for trial selling and locations will be updated on Tadaima Japan as soon as it comes out. Don’t miss it!

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