The mountain villa from the hill.

 The mountain villa from the hill.

You can view the best scenery at Hakuba mountain villa!

My son and I went up to Mt. Shiroumadake, which is popular among climbers.
We were blessed with good weather and it was the best day to hike! We really enjoyed the special time with beautiful scenery.

Today, I’d like to introduce my favorite villa where we stayed.
It is called “Hakuba-sanso” or Hakuba villa and is located right under Mt. Shiroumadake, one of the 45 best Japanese mountains. Alpine plants bloom around the villa and it’s a great place to see the Northern Alpine.

Villa No.1

Villa No.2

They have three different villas. It is one of the largest villas’ can hold more than 1000 visitors.

The canteen
The canteen

They serve delicious breakfast and dinner at the canteen. There is also a hospital ran by the medical department of the Showa University and staffs a permanent doctor. It is open during the summer when there are usually more hikers.

: The historical gallery of the villa.

: The historical gallery of the villa.

This villa was established in 1906 as a leading villa in the Japanese Alpine. Throughout its 100-year history, it has gradually been renovated, and improved on. You can learn about the history of it in the lobby of second building.

The exterior of the Villa sky plaza.

In between Hakuba villa and the top of Mt. Shiroumadake, there is a rest area with Matsuzawa teiitsu, the founder of the villa. He is still watching over his three favorite mountains; Mt. Shiroumadake, Mt. Shakushidake and Mt. Shiroumayarigadake.

The exterior of the Villa sky plaza.

The exterior of the Villa sky plaza.

There is a restaurant called “Sky plaza hakuba” in front of the villa.
You can have cake, coffee, and beer while viewing the beautiful scenery.


Morning scenery

The highlights of staying at Hakuba villa are, seeing the sun set, the night sky full of stars, and the morning sun that shines on the Northern Alpine. It is such a good time to see the changing moments of the mountain.

Mt. Shiroumadake



The access to “Hakuba villa”: Hike up from “Sarukura” and enjoy “Shrouma Daisekkei”!

It takes about 30 min by bus from JR Shirouma to Sarukura.
You can submit an application to hike Mt. Shiroumadake at Sarukura villa.
You can reach the Shirouma Daisekkei from sarukura in about an hour.
Enjoy Daisekkei at a height of 600m and 3.5 kilometers in length.



You’ll see alpine flowers blooming. The contrast of pure blue sky, snow, rocky mountains, and flowers will enchant you. If you are lucky enough, you may be able to see grouse, which are designated as a national treasure.

The top of the mountain

The best reward for those who climb is the beautiful panorama view from the top!
You can see the North Alpine from the south, Mt. Yagatake from the south east, Mt. Fuji in the back, Mt. Myokotogakushi in the east, Mt. Korenge and Mt. Asahigadake, the Bay of Toyama in the west, and the Korean peninsula in the back.

My son

Mt. Shroumadake is a dream mountain for those who love hiking and is especially for women! My 8 year-old son really did his best to hike up! I really want you to stay at the Hakuba villa at the Mt.Shiroumadake, the first class Alpine!

For more blog about Mt.Shiroumadake is here!


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