Enjoy Japanese street food at “Ameyoko”, a popular destination in Ueno.“Hama-chan”

Hi~! I’m Momo, a sushi girl! I introduce sushi restaurants and shops where you can enjoy seafood! This time, I’ll introduce a local fish concession. The place is called “Hama-chan”, at Ameyoko in Ueno.

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Ueno Ameyoko

Inside the shop

What’s Ameyoko?

Let me tell you a bit about Ameyoko. It’s a shopping street that is about 400m long. There are clothing, sporting goods, fish, gold items, and many other things sold here. It’s crowded with many people, including foreign tourists. I’m so into Ameyoko and come here to drink at least once a week. Please try to find me. LOL! I introduce you to one of my favorites, Hama-chan!


Hama-chan is always crowded!

The menu on the wall is all written in Japanese, so it might be difficult to read.

Don’t worry, an English menu is also available. It’s better to know what’s good when you want to try the popular items!


They have a seafood rice bowl menu and sushi rolls too.


I ordered Tekka-maki! Some of you may know that tekka-maki is a rolled up sushi with raw maguro (tuna) inside of it. People recommend eating it at a place called “tekka-ba” or a place to gamble. According to a theory, that is why it’s called tekka-maki.


Try it out with just a bit of soy sauce! The amount of rice and wasabi you’ll get is also good! (You can order it without wasabi) Please try the butter-grilled scallops, they go well with beer and sake! Their Akta mackerel and squid are also recommended!

A scallop

The “white mountain” on the table is Hama-chan’s specialty!

What do you think this?


It’s a Daikon-oroshi, or grated daikon for Tempura!

I wanted to taste the daikon, so I ordered tempura too!

These are squid, anago (eel), egg plant, and shrimp.


This is the sauce for dipping your tempura. Mix some daikon-oroshi in with it.

Dipping sauce

You can have a variety of tempura, in addition to fish!

Grated daikon is all you can eat, so let’s order as much tempura as you want!

Inside the shop

Ameyoko has many more concessions! Please take a look!

Momoko Kobayashi

Me being happy with tasty foods…

I will explore Ameyoko more and more!



6 -9-13 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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Address 6 -9-13 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Hours AM10:00~PM11:30
Access 2 min walk from Ueno station. 7 min walk from Okachimachi station.
Phone 03-5807-8413