A green tram that runs throughout the city

A view from Hiroshima city

Hiroshima’s streetcar has been running for more than 100 years.

Colorful street cars run through the city of Hiroshima. The varieties of trams are part of Hiroshima’s nostalgia. They are known as “Hiroden” among the locals, and are essential to tourists who want to travel around Hiroshima. The streetcar, Hiroden has a long history. The former, Hiroshima Electric Railway Co., Ltd. started running streetcars on November 23rd, 1912. Hiroden is very special, with its variety of streetcars. There are so many different sizes and colors, and even some pre-WWII trams that survived the war. Cutting-edge trams, such as the green mover are also a must-see. Hiroden is also known as a “Museum of street cars” because of the variety they have.

Hiroshima station platform.

Use the Hiroden streetcars when touring, because they travel throughout the whole city!

The fee to ride is 160 yen, and will take you just about everywhere, but if you are thinking of going to the popular, Miyajima Island, you should buy a 1-day Streetcar and Ferry pass. This ticket enables you to use any streetcars as much as you want for one day for the price of 840 yen. To reach Miyajima Island, you’ll need to take a ferry and it’s included in this ticket. It will be 40 yen cheaper if you do the round trip from Hiroshima city compared to buying separate tickets. In addition to this, presenting this 1-day pass makes the ropeway ticket cheaper! The ticket for the ropeway is usually 1,880 yen, but you can get it for 1,350 yen. Please take advantage of this ticket deal and enjoy your trip in Hiroshima freely!

Miyajimaguchi station

Where to buy a 1-day Streetcar and Ferry pass.

You can get it from the driver on the tram, at the information desk at each tram station, or even at main hotels in Hiroshima. If you buy the ticket from the driver, please do so when the car is stopped. Please check out more details on their official website, “Hiroden Avenue”. I recommend making a stopover at some of the tram stops, so that you’ll eventually get to know the different parts of the city. Enjoy your relaxing trip in Hiroshima on these retro streetcars.


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