If you want to enjoy casual shopping, why not go to“Hiroshima Hon-dori Shotengai”!

“Hiroshima Hon-dori Shotengai”is a shopping area located 10 minutes from JR Hitoshima station by streetcar. It is commonly known as “Hon-dori”. This street is located in the middle of Hiroshima city and sees about 10 thousand people on weekends. The length of the street is 577-meters and is very wide. There are about 200 shops lined up along the street.


It’s long and spacious!

If you ever want to shop in Hiroshima, I recommend “Hiroshima Hon-dori Shotengai”, commonly known as “Hon-dori”. It’s so spacious and long!
The closest streetcar stop is “Hon-dori”.
It is crowded on weekends, but the 9-meter wide road is actually comfortable to walk. So smooth!


The bakery that offers tasty soft cream!

While walking down the street, I found a bakery called, “A big one.” I learned that this bakery was the flagship of the famous bakery franchise, “Andersen”. It was full of tasty breads with an area to dine in.


We drooled over the soft cream! It was so hot and we were so sweaty! There was also juice and gelato, but we preferred the simple, soft cream.


Our film creator Morrisey, started eating first.


If you walk to the west, you’ll reach to the atomic bomb dome.

Along this shopping street, you can find a variety of shops such as clothing stores, drugstores, bookstores, CD stores, and game centers. Mostly local people who use it on a daily basis visit this shopping street. If you walk through to the west, you’ll find the famous atomic bomb dome. Why not enjoy some shopping on the way to the atomic bomb dome?  


8Hondori, Naka-ku, Hiroshima city, Hiroshima Prefecture

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