Nokogiri-yama and its colossal colossal Buddha statue

Mt. Nokogiriyama is located in the southern part of Chiba Prefecture. The Nihon-ji Temple grounds cover most of the mountain area and were opened about 1,300 years ago. The ridges of the mountains are stretched out like zigzag teeth of a saw, hence the name Nokogiriyama. The highlight is Jigoku-nozoki, where you can get a view of the sharp cliffs and Sengohyakurakan.

Let’s take a train from Tokyo!

Mt. Nokogiri-yama in Chiba Prefecture is one of the most natural places you can find within an easy day trip from Tokyo and many Japanese people don’t even know about it. Taking approximately 2 hours from Tokyo Station to Kanaya Station on the JR Uchibo Line, the scenery from the train window changes from a cityscape to a natural landscape with a view of the ocean.

Let’s use ropeways.

Standing on the scary narrow cliffs!

After transferring to Mt. Nokogiri-yama Ropeway, it takes only 4 minutes to reach the top of the mountain. From there you may walk the grounds of Nihon-ji Temple.

A view from the top

The breathtaking “Jigoku Nozoki Hill Peek” is highly recommended and has an observation deck suspended out into the valley and looks as if it could break off with even a little pressure but, don’t worry, you will not fall. Having a height of about 100-meters, the name of this cliff means “peering into hell” and the scenery which spreads underneath is very beautiful. As nothing obstructs the view around it, you will feel like you are flying from the deck. Another popular view is Mt. Fuji, which is visible on clear and sunny days.

Jigoku-nozoki or peeping into Hell

Mt.Nokogiriyama is entirely a shrine.

The enormous and overwhelming Hyakushaku Kannon was built to memorialize fallen soldiers and victims of traffic accidents all over the world.


Other attractions at Nihon-ji Temple are, the colossal Daibutsu Buddha, which was constructed as a symbol of prayer for world peace. The Sen-gohyaku Rakan or, fifteen hundred statues of arhats, is another popular attraction that expresses human emotions.

Buddhist statue


As you pass through the rugged area, there is a hiking trail that provides an hour and a half hike where you can fully enjoy the beautiful foliage of the area. You will walk a good distance, so comfortable walking shoes are recommended.
The saw toothed range of the mountain can be seen from Miura Peninsula, which is located on the other side of the sea.
“Mt. Nokogiri-yama” is a little known hiking spot, easily accessible from Tokyo as a day trip.




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